Most Unexpected Things To Happen In Friends

Friends are arguably one of the greatest sitcoms of all time and are as popular today as it was when it first aired. Keeping an amazing fan was never easy, as the show lasted so long, but the show made it many times during the 10 seasons.

In a total of 10 seasons, the gang saw a lot of unexpected dramas. From weddings that ended before it started to the weirdest gatherings, the series has a lot of breathtaking moments that fans can’t believe.

Ross Married Rachel in Vegas

Despite what they experienced, Ross and Rachel looked good and settled down as friends in Season 5. In one of the greatest Friends episodes of all time, the gang went to Las Vegas, where Monica and Chandler suddenly decided to get married.

This was a surprise, but it almost makes sense because they were happy and in love. However, after arriving at the chapel, a real shock occurred. Ross and Rachel happily jump out of the oratory, where they are now legally married. They were terribly drunk, but no one could expect their wedding to be like this.

Pheobe gave birth to her brother’s child

Phoebe undoubtedly had her quirks and was the most eccentric of the gang, however, having her brothers’ babies sounded weird, even to Phoebe. When Phoebe’s little brother Frank marries Alice, they ask Phoebe to be their surrogate as it was difficult for Alice to get pregnant.

It’s safe to say that Frank and Alice took their relationship quite quickly and having a baby wouldn’t have come as a shock, but Phoebe being the one to carry them certainly was. Once the idea was out there, Phoebe was always going to say yes because that’s the kind of person she is.

When Ross was unfaithful to Rachel

When Ross and Rachel finally became a couple, nothing seemed to tear them apart. However, this turned out to be too good and not true, and the pressure of Rachel’s work caused the couple to take a break.

Rachel comes from a format that no one knows the answer to, but no one believed that Ross would do that because Ross was in love with Rachel.

Monica and Chandler had twins

After Phoebe got triplets, it never occurred to anyone that Erica could carry multiple babies. As if the last episode wasn’t dramatic enough, Erica’s doctors reveal to Monica and Chandler that they will be adopting twins, and they’re more shocked than anyone else.

Monica and Chandler knew Erica during most of their pregnancy, so it is believed that the person carrying her twins noticed them before birth. They obviously wanted to give the fans a final shock before the end of the show, and they were incredibly successful.

Ross said Rachel’s name at his wedding with Emily

Everyone knew that Ross and Emily’s marriage was destined, but no one expected it to collapse on the actual wedding day. When Ross and Emily make an oath, Ross mistakenly says Rachel’s name instead of Emily’s name.

At that moment, the gang and everyone else was very shocked. Everyone knew that the story of Rachel and Ross wasn’t over yet, but no one could predict it. At the season finale, it was as perfect as it would get. This line is considered one of the most iconic moments, and viewers are more speechless than ever.


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