Most Weird Cameos In Batman Movies

In Hollywood, the Batman movies are big business. Batman movies have seen celebrities begging their way into distracting cameo appearances.  Over-qualified actors are merely happy to turn up for a single, lonely scene.
And with Matt Reeves‘ The Batman planned to begin shooting early next year. Who should fans expect to see creating a navel-gazing cameo? But before that, here are the weirdest cameos we’ve seen so far in the Batman movies.

1. Coolio & Corey Haim – Batman & Robin

Coolio & Corey Haim - Batman & Robin
Coolie and Corey Haim in Batman & Robin.

Barbara Gordon’s famous motorcycle chase scene in Batman & Robin is made even more exciting by a double dosage of surprise cameos.

Firstly, Coolio emerges to be the man who fired the starting gun for the race.  While the late Corey Haim is also seen for a millisecond of screen time as a shirtless viewer.

Coolio’s cameo is nothing more than a celebrity getting into a movie using their power, but Haim?

2. Jack Gleeson – Batman Begins

Jack Gleeson - Batman Begins
Jack Gleeson in Batman Begins & Game of Thrones

Since the start of HBO‘s hit fictional show people were stunned when they learned that the film had a cameo for the legendary douchebag Joffrey Baratheon himself, Jack Gleeson.

A 12-year-old Gleeson reveals up as a young boy who engages with Batman momentarily, “It’s you, isn’t it?” and is rescued by Rachel Dawes from Gotham’s criminals. Although Nolan could supposedly never have known that Gleeson would continue to play one of the most hated villains in TV history. His appearance undeniably re-contextualizes the scene in a completely distracting way.

3. Jesse Ventura – Batman & Robin

Jesse Ventura - Batman & Robin
Jesse Venture the famous WWE champion appeared in Batman & Robin

When WWE legend, occasional actor, and former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura. Appeared as a security guard at Arkham Asylum, wrestling fans would’ve had considerably raised eyebrows.

Ventura not only hangs out as a “background artist”, but he gets a few one-liners next to Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman). Before she brings a deadly lip-lock on him, bringing his little appearance to an abrupt end.

4. Thomas Lennon – The Dark Knight Rises

Thomas Lennon - The Dark Knight Rises
Thomas Lennon as a cynical doctor in The Dark Knight Rises

Several were taken aback when comedy actor Thomas Lennon appeared in The Dark Knight Rises as a cynical doctor. Who told Bruce Wayne that he was in a horrible physical condition. And ended with an unforgettable sign-off, “l cannot recommend that you go heli-skiing.”

Lennon is widely known for performing Lieutenant Jim Dangle in the hit comedy series Reno 911! So, seeing him show up for some moments in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy-bookending epic was preferably on the bumpy side.

5. Drew Barrymore – Batman Forever

Drew Barrymore - Batman Forever
Drew Barrymore as Sugar

Do you remember when Drew Barrymore showed up in Batman Forever? No?

If you haven’t watched the movie in a while time. It’s easy to forget that the on-the-rise actress appeared briefly as Sugar. One of Two-(Tommy Face’s Lee Jones) assistants, portraying his “good side, whereas Debi Mazar acted Spice, the “wrong side.

Barrymore had proven herself worthy of a considerable blockbuster role at this point in her career. So seeing her shoehorned into an eye-candy cameo felt like a colossal waste.

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Subons Staff
Subons Staff

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