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A big franchise never really ends, not if the fan communities have anything to mention about it. MCU fans, one among the foremost creative and dedicated communities, help fill the MCU gap year by sharing their favourite fan fiction theory. There are all types of stories written about these movies over the years, and while tons of the fiction are about shipping, an honest portion of it’s not. inside the young people of Avengers fan fiction, it had been particularly normal to determine general works about the group cooperating, and since these fictions were so mainstream, there are many common tropes that fans are conscious of. While not all aficionados of the MCU share the fictions and headcanons, many fans do.

1.Steve Rogers invests his free energy at nursing homes and get-togethers for WWII veterans, and he appreciates thinking back with them about the 40s. 


Avengers: Endgame


2.This is really indicated that Wanda considers Clint a mentor and he potentially has a comparable character to her dad. Likewise, I wouldn’t be astounded if his children call her auntie.


Avengers: Endgame


3.Matt Damon in Ragorak wasn’t playing an Asgardian entertainer. He was playing Matt Damon. Matt was carried by Loki to play him, so Matt plays himself, in the Marvel Universe.


Thor: Ragnarok


4.Tony Stark acknowledged he needed a child during/after the occasions of Spider-Man: Homecoming.


Spider-Man: Homecoming


5.Bucky’s last mission to kill Steve would have been his supreme last mission. Penetrate said they required him to do it “one final time.” Hydra should “win” and they wouldn’t require him any longer. Steve coincidentally saved his life. Steve had back pay from the US Military and wasn’t leeching off Tony.


Avengers: Endgame


6.Every cat on earth is covertly a Flerken, and that is the reason “cats” consistently act so predominant, on the grounds that they realize they could clear us out spontaneously, yet they keep us around on the grounds that we offer warmth and jaw scratches.


Captain Marvel


7.Pepper during Tony’s passing said, “We’ll be alright…. you can rest now,” and presently I’ll generally fictionalise that that was the MCU’s farewell to Tony Stark. Revealing to him that after so long, from the start as far as possible, he’s been conveying the whole thing and presently toward the end, now he can rest and that Marvel is in safe hands.


Avengers: Endgame


8.Captain America actually needed to help the world after Endgame, yet couldn’t jeopardise individuals discovering he’s alive. Because of Peggy, he changed his name and presently passes by Fred Rogers.

Avengers: Endgame


9.A fiction is that off-screen, he wanders around plundering his arrows like he’s playing an archer on a harder trouble in Skyrim.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War


10.Shuri has a hoodie full of bullet holes endorsed by Luke Cage outlined in her room.


Black Panther
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