Maxwell Lord

For the uninitiated, the new Wonder Woman trailer dropped yesterday and oh my god we are so hooked!

Wonder Woman 1984 as the new movie is titled is the return of Gal Gadot and Chris Pine as Diana Prince and Steve Trevor respectively, but another detail you might have been missed is the split-second introduction of the newest and the biggest villain in town, ladies and gents make way for Maxwell Lord, brought to life on screen by Pedro Pascal.

Who is Maxwell Lord?

The businessman turned supervillain greeting us in 2020 actually made his comic debut in the 80s, making his way on the scene as an ambitious entrepreneur trying to pull the strings to make justice league happen. With time we do learn that he is not very pro superheroes, rather he looks at them as a threat to humanity but believes that he one to protect this world from them. It’s a classic case of every bad guy who thinks he’s the good guy.

The cover of Justice League Rebooted 1987.


Lord was a powerless but shrewd businessman who considered himself quite the genius. However in a crossover event in 1989, he gains a new metahuman ability — a form of mind control that pushed people to be at his beck and call, but it often came at the cost of his own well-being if pushed to his limits. (Lord suffered anything from a nosebleed to a brain hemorrhage as a result of using this ability.)

His mind control ability eventually grew strong enough to influence powerful beings like Magog and Superman, given enough time and focus.

Lord and Wonder Woman

He took control of Superman’s mind, causing him to believe that he was fighting his worst enemies, while in reality he was attacking his friends and endangering bystanders. In Wonder Woman #219, when bound Lord with the Lasso of Truth and asked what it would take for him to stop rampaging Superman. Lord responded, “Kill me.” And Wonder Woman snapped Maxwell Lord’s neck, not realizing that he had set up a broadcast and the world had witnessed his death live. The shocked populace began to lose its faith in superheroes, Wonder Woman in particular, and even Batman and Superman turned their backs on Diana Prince for a short time.

I don’t know about you but we definitely can’t wait for 2020!

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