Movie Characters Of Famous Book To Film Adaptations We All Hate

Adapting best-selling novels into movies has been a trend for many years. But it is hard to please novel lovers right? It is very difficult to capture any character perfectly and even if they do, fans always have some complaints.

While some of them are harsh, some are actually on point. For all these years, the films have butchered the characters we all fell in love with and many fans were not happy at all. Here are some of them. Did your most hated character make this list?

1. Emma Bloom – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Book Adaptation characters we hate
A still from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Tim Burton’s take on Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children was quite an impressive one but it was entirely different than the book. And fans were not happy with the portrayal of Emma Bloom. In the books, she was supposed to be the lead love interest but they just made her a minor background character.

2. Becky Bloomwood – Confessions of a Shopaholic

Book characters movies ruined
Isla Fisher as Rebecca Bloomwood

When the movie came out, fans already were mad at how they changed the movie adaptation altogether. They even skipped the most important part aka Rebecca always was hiding about her shopping in the books but in the movie, she immediately told her family and friends about her debt. They showed her as a person who only was interested in shopping. The books had a better storyline and character development.

3. Ginny Weasely – Harry Potter

Book adaptation Characters we hate
They just made Ginny less powerful in the movies

Those who have read the book know how Ginny is really described in the books. She has a fierce personality and doesn’t take any nonsense, but she also is an interesting character. These things of hers make us understand why Harry falls in love with her. But in the movie, they made her into a boring character who has no personality whatsoever and she just exists for Harry.

4. Annabeth Chase – Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Movies ruined these book characters
Percey Jackson movies just suck

We are sorry to say this but the films were anyway absolute garbage. If you have read the books, you would know what we mean. Every character no matter how minor in the book was incredible, loveable, and hilarious. When it came to the films, they cast actors in their twenties to portray 12-year-old kids. They honestly butchered all the characters, but we think Annabeth had to suffer comparatively more.

She is super-smart in the books and one of the most intelligent characters in the Camp and her hair was blonde okay. They just made her brunette in the film. Like why?

5. Rachel Watson – The Girl on the Train

Movie ruined these book characters
Emily Blunt as Rachel Watson in The Girl on the train

According to the books, there were some derogatory comments were made toward her body. So the readers always imagined her to be curvy. It was important that they showcased her physical state as much as they did her mental state. But the movie of course didn’t do this.

6. Jack Torrance – The Shining

Book Characters that were ruined by the films
A still from The Shining

Stephen King is not only a genius but a true horror king. The way he describes the characters and gives them personalities and depth is truly commendable. When it comes to Shining, we see Jack recovering as an alcoholic and trying to be better but then going into madness because of the demons. But in the film, he’s already turning mad and there was not much development in the character! But of course, Jack Nicholson did a wonderful job.

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