Movie Franchises That Went On For Too Long And Became Boring

Success is like an addiction. If you are addicted to success, you would never ever deviate from your path and put an end to your innovation. This is what happens with some of the movie franchises. Some of them are lucky to maintain their touch throughout the franchise, like for example, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Godfather, The Dark Knight. However, everyone is not as lucky and as good as them.

Here are a list of movie franchise which went on way too long.


If you looking for the best action adventure series of all time, Indiana Jones is on the top of the list. When Indy made his debut in the big screen in 1981 with Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, everyone went crazy. The look, the whip, the hat and the awesome acting of Harrison Ford blew away. With the likes of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, we expected a part 2 of the movie. And it arrived 3 years later in 1984, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The second part was a superhit again and Indy came up with the third movie in 1989, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.

However, this should have been it. This gave a perfect ending. But no, Indy returned in 2008 with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull. The movie lacked almost everything. But this is still not the end, the fifth part is in making and is set to release in 2019.


If you are a fan of JRR Tolkein Lord of the Rings, I would say the first Hobbit (2013) would be a go go for you. But not the rest of the parts. When the prequel to the famous Lord of the Rings hit the theater, featuring the same Ian Mckellen as Gandalf, Andy Serkis as Gollum, Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins, it received a mixed reaction from the audience.
Ofcourse it was not an easy task to fit in the shoes to the famous LOTR trilogy, but it did manage to impress. However, when the consequent parts were released in 2014 and 2015, they failed to overcome the shortcomings of the first part.


When Johnny Depp first made his appearance as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, he was everyone’s favorite. And the movie too was such captivating with just the right amount of action, the perfect amount of humor and thrill to keep the audience on their two.
The best part about the POTC franchise was their subsequent films were even better. Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End proved to be even better than the first movie giving the directors a boost to proceed further with the franchise. However, they moved a little bit too far.

The fourth movie, POTC: At Stranger’s Tides failed to impress the audience. But the franchise did move further with another movie in 2017, Dead Man Tell No Tales. And it is rumored that a 6th movie is in the making too.

4. SAW

The franchise was already getting boring from its fourth part. Saw made its first appearance in 2004 with a story line never ever seen before. The low budget movie hit the 100 million mark which encouraged the director to move on with the series. Five more movies were released in the consecutive five years, making the audience go bore with similar concepts over the time. Saw rebooted with Saw 7 in 2012, but failed again to make a mark on the box office.
But they didn’t back down. Another movie this time with the name Jigsaw was released in 2017. The movie received a lukewarm response at the theater.


“Hasta La Vista, baby!” When Terminator first hit the theaters in 1984, it was regarded as one of the best sci-fi movies of all time. All credits to the Magnum opus, James Cameron. The first two terminator movie received a massive response on the box office and made everyone a die hard fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger. But when James Cameron left the franchise, the third movie suffered a terrible fate at the box office. We all thought that this is the end and it should have been. But no, Terminator returned, this time with Sam Worwington and Christian Bale as its lead. Terminator Salvation was a flop and this should have been the end too. But Terminator was revived again, this time bringing back Arnold in along with Emilia Clarke. The movie received a lukewarm response, but it was enough for the directors to push forward to the next and most probably the final Terminator which is scheduled to release in 2019.


Steven Spielberg is best at what he does and Jaws is the perfect example for it. When the movie was first released in 1975, it left everyone terrified of open water. Jaws was a masterpiece in storyline, in direction, in cinematography and in just every thing associated with film making. A town attacked by a giant man eating shark.

But the success of Jaws led to Jaws-2 ( 1978), 1983 Jaws 3-D and the miserable Jaws: Revenge. Even though Michael Caine and Ellen Brody returned for the final part, it just was a proof that the movie franchise has went far too long.


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