Movie Theaters To Add 3-Screen Immersion In The Fight Against Netflix

In order to thwart Netflix off, the theaters are now planning to add a three-screen immersion.

The ScreenX three-screen system has been a huge success in South Korea since 2012. It’s a multi-projection system that fills each theatre with three screens. While the middle screen shows all the action, the other two screens help in expanding those scnes.

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Now according to the latest news by CBS News, Cineworld will be launching 100 new screens in the U.K. This is being planned with a hope to entire more audiences to the theaters in order to tackle the rise of streaming services like Netflix.

The entertainment industry is currently thriving on the internet revenue generated with an annual growth of 6% in the past one year. However, theaters have seen a drop of 1.2 % in the same time duration. The ScreenX experience is being described as something that will the fans feel “closer to the action.”

Kelly Drew, operations director at Cineworld also seems confident about this move and feel that it will definitely yield more people to the cinemas. Here’s the official description of ScreenX project from their website:

“ScreenX is the first in the world to combine multi-projection technology with theater screen and project images on the outside wall of the front screen to create a new immersion experience for the audience. The ScreenX team has developed an integrated system, ScreenX Solution, that combines hardware and software, based on CGV’s expertise in theater systems, operation and installation know-how, and user experience analysis capabilities. ScreenX Solution is a technology that synchronizes all the functions from screening DB analysis to image correction, playback and management, and synchronizes them with existing digital cinema system.”

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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