Watching a movie is an immersive experience by itself. But when you catch an unexpected clue left by the filmmakers, the experience becomes even better. Popular films often have not-too-obvious clues wrapped neatly within the movie context. We collected some of the most unexpected movie details from extremely popular movies you probably would have missed while watching:

IT in IT Chapter Two

As Michael goes through a scrapbook, there is a local newspaper article about a fire. Notice how the fire resembles the letters “IT”?

Scrapbook - IT Chapter Two
Scrapbook – IT Chapter Two


Starbucks Coffee in Fight Club

The movie is a rebuke of popular consumer culture. That is a hidden detail, so much that to mock the thought, Director David Fincher admits that he literally included a Starbucks cup in every scene.

Fight Club - Starbucks Cup Hunt
Fight Club – Starbucks Cup Hunt


Symbol of Death in The Departed

Martin Scorsese’s film The Departed features several storylines intertwined. But if you notice, every character about to die has an “X” marked in some form around them. Like, The “X” marked on the carpet on the back right-hand side for Matt Damon in the scene below. The “X” symbolizes death. 

The Departed - The "X" Mark
The Departed – The “X” Mark


Pursuit of Happyness 

Having real-life inspirations do cameos in their own biopic is quite a Hollywood thing. In one scene, Will Smith walks by the real Chris Gardener he portrays in the movie. 

Pursuit of Happyness - Chris Gardener Cameo
Pursuit of Happyness – Chris Gardener Cameo

Disney films have one of the most references from time to time. Mickey Mouse has made it to so many movies already. Sometimes as easter eggs, the hidden details fit the frames so well only fans can discover the secrets. Did you notice any of these?

Tangled in Frozen?

One recent reference is Rapunzel and Eugene from Tangled visiting Elsa’s coronation in the movie Frozen. Mickey Mouse is nestled quietly on a bookshelf too.

Rapunzel and Eugene - Frozen
Rapunzel and Eugene – Frozen


Hello Mulan

After Nani and Lilo adopt little stitch, they pass by a restaurant named “Mulan Wok”. Not just that but a poster of Mulan is in Nani’s bedroom just behind the bed. A good way to advertise? Absolutely. 

Mulan in Lilo and Stitch
Mulan in Lilo and Stitch


Foreshadowing Thor

Marvel Movies are notorious for their easter eggs and foreshadowing clues for the story. Did you notice how the broken Asgardian mural in Thor Ragnarok portrays an injury he receives later?

Thor Ragnarok - The future
Thor Ragnarok – The future



The movie Titanic is famous for being a blockbuster and for how it has encapsulated little details related to the actual event. Like how in the end scene, the clock shows 2.20, that’s the exact time that the ship sank or how the couple that stays back was based on an actual couple, Isador and Ida Straus, the then owners of Macy’s.

Titanic - Notice the clock
Titanic – Notice the clock


So many movies, so many clues. Need a closer look to confirm, have fun watching the movie again! That’s an end to our popular missed movie details list. Did you spot some unique details of your own? Share your favorite unexpected movie details in the comments section below.


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