Movies Based On Real People Where The Person The Movie Was Based On Has A Cameo

Hollywood is so full of surprises. These movies based on real people are the perfect example. They ended up having a cameo appearance from the very people whose stories these movies based on real people were telling.

Apollo 13 – Jim Lovell

Apollo 13

Jim Lovell was one of the NASA trained astronauts that was on the Apollo 13 mission. He even saluted and shook the hands of Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks played Lovell on screen in the cult-classic movie Apollo 13. In the movie, Lovell too had a small role. He was the captain of the ship the rescued the Astronauts. The ship called USS Iwo Jima along with Lovell’s character could be seen at the very end of the movie.

Catch Me If You Can – Frank Abagnale

Catch Me If You Can

One of the greatest movies based on real people ever made, Catch Me If You Can is the tale of a young man who becomes one of the world’s most infamous con-men. The movie is still regarded as a national treasure in Hollywood. But did you know the real Frank Abagnale – the notorious criminal, was also in the film. Ironically, Abagnale played the role of a police officer in the movie. The real Frank Abagnale had this to say regarding his character in the film:

“I really didn’t want to, but they insisted I do so… They cut all my hair off, and they put me in a cap and a big coat and put me in a night scene playing a French policeman who goes up to arrest Leo in one of the final scenes of the movie.”

Zodiac – Brian C Hartnell


The movie is the story about an investigation to catch an elusive serial killer called the Zodiac Killer. Brian C Hartnell and Cecilia Shepherd were victims of the Zodiac Killer’s attack back in 1969. Shepherd perished from her wounds but Hartnell survived. When Hartnell saw the scene of the attack played out in the movie, he was taken aback by how eerily accurate it was. Both Hartnell and his wife made a cameo appearance as a couple in a scene in the movie happening in the police station.

The Sound Of Music – Baroness Maria von Trapp

The Sound Of Music

Julie Andrews played Maria von Trapp in one of the most influential movies based on real people and an iconic musical of Hollywood – The Sound Of Music. But did you know the real Baroness Maria von Trapp too was in the film? It is a blink and you miss it scene. But trust us, she is there. When Julie Andrew’s character makes her way into the von Trapp family residence, she passes by many of the von Trapps – Maria von Trapp, her daughter and even the daughter of Werner von Trapp, one of the Trapp family singers.

The Wolf Of Wall Street – Jordan Belfort

The Wolf Of Wall Street

The controversial financier is played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the blockbuster movie – The Wolf of Wall Street. At the very end of the movie, when DiCaprio is finally released from prison, he is presiding over a motivational speech seminar. The person that introduces DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort is none other than the real life Jordan Belfort. He makes a cameo appearance as a stage presenter in the film. Of all the movies based on real people, this may be one of the most controversial of them all.

Bibhu Prasad Panda
Bibhu Prasad Panda

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