Movies That Make No Sense But Still Entertain You

We all have seen some of the most confusing and incredible movies in our life. The following five films might leave fans and critics scratching their heads once the credits roll. Yet, they’re still worthy viewing experiences (and yes, fun to talk about). Maybe they’ll leave you feeling dumb, or maybe they’ll make you feel really smart – either way, watching these movies will definitely make you feel cultured. With that being said, these are the five movies that make no sense but still entertain you –

Movies That Make No Sense: 2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey is about the conflict between a human-created computer, named Hal, and the astronaut Dave who gave him his consciousness. The confusing plot of the film won’t be immediately understood by most, but this classic will be forever remembered for its two-plus hours’ worth of cerebral visuals accompanied by a stunning unbroken musical score.

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Movies That Make No Sense
2001: A Space Odyssey

Movies That Make No Sense: The Color Of Pomegranates

The Color of Pomegranates might sound like it’s all fun and games, but there’s a lot more to what goes into making such a masterpiece come to life than meets the eye. This film is a biopic depicting the life of an Armenian poet by the name of Savat-Nova, who has never truly been able to receive his due recognition for reasons unknown. While watching this movie, you’d probably never guess that many involved were actually battling starvation, because the acting was so superb.

Movies That Make No Sense
The Color Of Pomegranates

Movies That Make No Sense: Valhalla Rising

Nicolas Winding Refn’s Valhalla Rising is not for everyone. His unique visual style makes his films almost impossible to digest, and that’s a large part of what makes him such an interesting filmmaker. Not understanding the story set in the period in which it takes place can be vexing at times but those who are interested in cinema itself rather than its simpler parts should find Valhalla Rising much to enjoy.

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Movies That Make No Sense
Valhalla Rising

Movies That Make No Sense: The Zero Theorem

For science fiction fans, The Zero Theorem falls in line with the themes Gilliam has explored in his previous works including 12 Monkeys. However, there is one particular plot point that ends up making the film more confusing than it seems at first glance. The basic gist of the story is a programmer slaving away at a computer trying to receive a mysterious phone call from an unknown source.

Movies That Make No Sense
The Zero Theorem

Movies That Make No Sense: Head

The TV show The Monkees featured a group of four goofy teenagers with propeller hats who sang songs that were written by professional musicians. Later, the group went into the studio to record songs for a new movie that was set to come out in theaters that summer. It was called Head, and it was kind of like The Monkees but not really. Jack Nicholson wrote Head under the influence of a psychedelics trip in his house specifically while listening to lots of Beatles albums.

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Movies That Make No Sense
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