Movies That Offended The Host Countries They Were Filmed In

Movies have proven to be a wonderful medium to entertain and educate adults and kids alike. Some movies tend to be inspiring, some make you cry, some make you laugh! But some movies even offend a few people.

Some movies, actually went on to offend the host countries. There were reports back in 2015 that James Bond film Spectre was “rumored” to receive a tax deal from Mexico on a condition that there won’t be Mexican “Baddies”. Here are some movies that had to face the wrath of countries!

1. The Interview

The Interview

This wouldn’t have exactly been the first time James Franco and Seth Rogen offered their audiences. But this movie just created so much hate in North Korea that that country cyber-attacked Sony for their bold move to make fun of their leader Kim Jong Un.

This move did damage a few Hollywood careers.

2. Borat

Movie – Borat

Borat has been loved by many around the world, but things didn’t start that well when it was released in Kazakhstan. It irritated the country how they portrayed the country and they actually threatened to sue Sasha Baron Cohen. But things took a different turn soon. By 2012, the country saw a rise in demand for visas after the film was released.

And you won’t believe that Kazakhstan issued an OFFICIAL Thank You to Cohen and noted it as, “Glorious nation of Kazakhstan salute Borat’.

3. 7 Years In Tibet

7 Years In Tibet
The movie 7 Years in Tibet is considered one of the most notable and beloved works back in the 90s.  But the film was condemned by China. They felt that the movie intentionally showed their military officers as arrogant and rude people who tortures the locals. The situation was so bad that the director Jean-Jacques Annaud and actors Brad Pitt and David Thewlis, were banned from ever entering China.

4. Argo


The movie Argo was a retelling of the 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis and it even received praise from all around the world. But two countries took offense. Everyone expected Iran to oppose it by labeling the film as “American propaganda” and “Anti-Iran”. But Britain was an unexpected country to make that list. They said that the movie minimized the role of the Canadian embassy and “falsely” portrayed that Americans were turned down for help by the New Zealand and British embassies.

5. Noah

A still from the movie Noah

They made a film on Moses, so they were already prepared for some controversies and backlash. But Noah managed to offend a whole region.

Firstly, there was a lack of racial diversity in the cast and also due to the subject matter of the movie. The film was then it was banned in Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabie, Bahrain, Indonesia, and Malaysia. They banned the film much before its release since it was contradicting the teachings of Islam.

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