Popular Superhero Films That Never Got A Sequel

It has been a long time since superheroes have been showing up on our silver screens. The Adventures of Captain… Read More

10 hours ago

Jason Momoa Was Reported To Have Been In ‘Complete’ Debt After ‘Game of Thrones’: “We Were Starving”

The famous Jason Momoa who is an actor/model has appeared in well known shows like Game of Thrones and in… Read More

2 days ago

Godzilla’s Most Threatening Villain Would Be The One Monster He Can’t Beat!

The best suitable villain for Godzilla 3's Godzilla would be SpaceGodzilla, who is by far the most threatening and a… Read More

3 days ago

Several Times Batman Used Magic (and Other Dark Arts)

“I'm the goddamn Batman.” While he's a long way from being a sorcerer, Batman's information on contemplation and mystery has demonstrated… Read More

3 days ago

Robert Downey Jr In Talks To Sign The New Tron Film

2019's Avengers: Endgame saw the end of the arc for Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark in the Marvel Universe. Since… Read More

4 days ago

Has Amber Heard Been Fired From Aquaman 2 For Drug Use?

Amber Heard has been a focus on news and media for speculation in the invovement in Aquaman 2.  There is… Read More

5 days ago

The New Mortal Kombat Trailer Reveals Liu Kang vs Kabal Fatality

Another classical character has been revealed in the Mortal Kombat reboot trailer named Kabal and his sad fate in the… Read More

5 days ago

10 Times Marvel Heroes Stood For Real World Causes

“Vengeance has consumed you. It’s consuming them. I’m done letting it consume me.”-T’Challa Once in a while, Marvel heroes don't… Read More

6 days ago

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