Ms. Marvel Memes to Prepare You For Episode 2

Kamala Khan getting the taste of her new powers with magical bangles around her wrist was the synopsis of the first episode. With episode 2 on its way, fans are eager to see what the Ms. Marvel series will bring to the MCU. Ms. Marvel will drop a new episode every Wednesday and fans have appreciated this new MCU show on Disney+ so far. With new episode approaching, check out some of the best Ms. Marvel memes to prepare for Episode 2.

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The Boys vs Ms. Marvel?

The boy’s season 3 was also released along with Ms. Marvel and so far it has given a tough fight to the MCU Show, Ms. Marvel. 

Ms. Marvel’s rating

Few fans targetted Ms Marvel and claimed it to be very childish.

Seems like Zendaya has an answer for all

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Kamala’s struggle in the Ms Marvel series

The first episode had Kamala Khan struggling to sneak out for the Avengercon. Later she goes to the Avengercon and was caught by her mother while returning. Would be interesting to see her mother’s reaction post the incident.

The struggles were real

Moon Knight (s) getting afraid of Ms Marvel

Marc Spector and Steven Grant

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Ms Marvel and other Disney crossover

Don’t you think Obi-Wan Kenobi as Ms Marvel looks dope? All we need is a Darth Vader

Obi Wan Kenobi as Ms Marvel

Seems like the Morbin Times trend is all over the MCU


Morbin Times

Sad Hulk Music for Abbu, please

Kamala Khan’s Abbu dressed as Hulk to join Kamala for the Avengerscon and he became a meme sensation because of the innocence the character brought on the screen.

Kamala Khan’s Abbu

Let’s end the debate here

Other Marvel references in Ms Marvel

Captain America reference in Ms Marvel

No More Captain Marvel references, please

The series had plenty of Captain Marvel references that made the fans think whose story is it!

Wait! Thats not true

Ms Marvel episode is now streaming on Disney+

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