“Must be nice to travel. Most of us don’t have that luxury”: Jennifer Lopez Showing Off Her Hermes Quilt in a Private Jet With Alex Rodriguez Got Severe Backlash That Taught $750M Worth Couple an Unforgettable Lesson

Jennifer Lopez is now living a happy married life with her husband, Ben Affleck. Their marriage was undoubtedly a luxurious occasion that went on for three days in the latter’s estate in Georgia. However, fans were not surprised by the extravagant event she organized to celebrate her fourth marriage as she had always been spotted flaunting her lifestyle.

Jennifer Lopez
American singer Jennifer Lopez

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Even when she was dating Alex Rodriguez, showing off her enormous wealth was what made fans outraged. That was the time when the world was suffering from the global pandemic which is why the public was more frustrated.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Flaunted Their Luxurious Lifestyle

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

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The former couple, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were once the star couple of the town. Many believed that their love story would end up with them tying the knot however it was futile. Back in 2020, when the duo was dating each other, the latter posted a sneak peek of his aircraft’s interior featuring his then-beau who was traveling back to their home to celebrate Thanksgiving.

It was the time when the world was shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic which was one of the factors behind the backlash they received for showcasing their luxurious private jet. The post featured the actress sprawling out in a Hermes blanket inside the private plane. Their dog Lady was also spotted resting her head on the businessperson’s lap.

Their Instagram Post Received Major Criticism from The Public

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez featured in Alex Rodriguez’s Instagram

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Due to the pre-thanksgiving post, A-Rod posted on Instagram, the then-pair had to face backlash from the public. One person reminded the duo of showing compassion rather than flaunting their wealth.

“People are really really struggling. Maybe don’t post your enormous wealth on a private plane with Hermes blankets. Compassion is all you need right now.”

Another wrote, “People lost their jobs…maybe stop posting your private jet. We get it…You’re rich.”

One user sarcastically addressed the post stating,

“WOWW !!!!! Really must be nice when sooo many people are literally starving an homeless trying to make it an you two just show off and flaunt your wealth, u two need to be ashamed of yourselves…. real nice, real nice yes u two have it going on, what a way to go !!!!!”

Another slammed him for posting this picture, “Just a touch-tone deaf during a global pandemic and 60 million unemployed. But do you boo.” 

The former couple met for the first time in the late 1990s at a New York Yankees baseball game when Lopez was still married to her then-husband, Marc Anthony. They were not romantically involved until 2017 with the couple getting engaged two years later. Their wedding was first postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic however they eventually called it off last year in March.

After breaking off with Rodriguez, the Selena actress went on to date her ‘true love,’ Ben Affleck who got wed this year in July.

Source: Instagram

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