“My boyfriend is out of town”: Madonna Angers LGBT Audience, Spotted With Mystery Man After Claiming She’s Gay

Madonna has been dominating the music industry for decades. Her unique musical taste has contributed to her amassing chart-busters, with the singer dubbed as Queen of Pop. Due to her musical career, she is regarded as one of the greatest singers of all time. Not just her music, but her talent in acting and handling business also gave her a career boost making her one of the most influential women in the industry.

To make this easy, the singer is currently on an excursion in Kenya, Africa with her six kids, however, she is garnering attention for a statement. This is all because of the new outfit she wore during her trip!

Madonna Wore a Statement Outfit During Her Trip in Africa

American singer, Madonna

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On Tuesday, The Queen of Pop shared a video clip of a family trail ride on Instagram, sporting a unique statement shirt which is now garnering the attention of the fans. The 64-year-old singer sported  a blue-striped Wahine oxford shirt ($125) which stated, “My boyfriend is out of town.”

She paired that shirt with what appeared to be a navy jacket along with a safety hat and gloves to have a better grip while riding the horse along the trial. Her tresses were braided while she was enjoying the horse ride with her kids in Kenya, Africa.

Madonna Hinting She is Gay

The Businesspersonality, Madonna

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Her recent update came to a while after she seemingly came out as gay.

In October last year, the pop star, Madonna uploaded a Tiktok video in which she attempted to throw a pair of bright pink lingerie into the trash and purposely missed it with a caption written on it, “If I miss, I’m Gay.”

Her sexuality has always been a question, especially when she has hinted about it several times, never exactly admitting it clearly. It came days after she was spotted getting intimate with a mysterious guy.

Madonna With a Mystery Guy?

Andrew Darnell with Madonna
Andrew Darnell with Madonna

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The Like a Virgin singer prefers to date younger guys, and was in a romantic relationship with dancer Ahlamalik Williams for over three years. Their relationship did not last long as they got separated in April last year.

She made headlines in September last year when she was spotted with a 23-year-old model, Andrew Darnell. The duo was hanging out with BMX athlete Nigel Sylvester at an NYC concert, later meeting with jeweler Greg Yuna.

Darnell was the same model who appeared with the popstar on a racy Paper magazine photoshoot, just a month before that. Though there is no confirmation if they are still together or not, it is surely known that the pop star is having fun on her trip.

Source: Madonna’s Instagram

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