‘My entry level salary was barely enough to scrape by’: Former Kim Kardashian Employee Jessica Defino Blasted Kim, Said Her Hardwork is Reason for Kardashians’ “Immense Wealth”

The Kardashian-Jenner family name is almost synonymous with fame and hypocrisy at this point. The alleged ‘self-made‘ family is often at the heart of controversies due to one reason or the other. A former employee at Kardashian-Jenner’s apps launch team attacked Kim Kardashian for being such a hypocrite person. She revealed the hard nature of the job and that the wages were just barely enough for survival in LA.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

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Former Employee at Kardashian-Jenner’s app launch team blasts the Kardashians

Jessica Defino is a former employee of Kim Kardashian. She once revealed in a statement the conditions of the job she was working in. She revealed that she worked really hard under the Kardashians as a part of their app’s launch team. Defino said that she had to be available all the time and she used to work “days, nights, weekends whenever and wherever I was needed.

Kim Kardashian
Jessica Defino blasts the Kardashians.

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She even revealed the truth about her salary. Defino said that her “entry-level salary was barely enough to scrape by in Los Angeles.” She had to pick up extra side jobs so that she could survive with some extra income. But, however a clause in her company even forbade her to take extra jobs outside the company.

Jessica Defino targets Kim Kardashian for being a hypocrite individual

Jessica Defino lashed out at the Kardashians for the exploitation she suffered as an employee at their company. She further pointed out the hypocrisy that the Kardashians experience by calling themselves “self-made” celebrities or millionaires. Defino said, “If immense wealth is the product of hard work as the Kardashians claims, it is the hard work of their lower-level employees who struggle to make ends meet.

Jessica Defino
Jessica Defino reveals the truth behind the Kardashians’ wealth.

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The exploitation that they do of their employees is absolutely surreal. Even after all these statements came to light, Kim K actually had the audacity to say that their wealth is the product of their honest hard work.

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Shikhar Tiwari
Shikhar Tiwari

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