“My foot pics are killing it”: Larsa Pippen Reveals Her Most Requested OnlyFans Pictures, Claims Her Father Hates It Without Knowing What The Platform Is About

American TV personality Larsa Pippen recently talked about her OnlyFans account on the first episode of “Hate All You Want, ‘Cause If I Were You, I’d Hate Me Too,” which dropped on Thursday night on Peacock. The TV personality opened up about a lot of things, including her relationship with Marcus Jordan, her husband Scottie Pippen, and even her OnlyFans. She revealed which picture gets the most attention on her OnlyFans account. She doesn’t really care what everyone thinks of her OnlyFans account, however, she only cares what her father thinks and he does not like the idea.

Larsa Pippen has an OnlyFans account

Larsa Pippen
Larsa Pippen

TV personality Larsa Pippen has garnered a lot of fans on OnlyFans and she revealed that one specific picture helps her in getting a lot of attention. She said,

“My foot pics are killing it, I post a lot of photos of my feet on OnlyFans, and people seem to love my feet.”

She also revealed that her father does not want her to use the platform even though he doesn’t know exactly what OnlyFans is. Pippen said,

“My dad doesn’t even know what OnlyFans is. He just heard about it from someone, and he didn’t like it. It’s deterred me from going on the app as much as I normally would have. But I love OnlyFans”

The TV personality was previously married to former NBA star Scottie Pippen. Their divorce was finalized on December 15, 2021. In January of 2022, they agreed to joint physical and legal custody of their two youngest children.

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Larsa Pippen is linked to Marcus Jordan, Michael Jordan’s son

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan
The two were spotted together multiple times

Rumors about Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan dating started spreading back in September. The two are still “getting to know each other.” At the time, some sources claimed that Marcus Jordan believes they were just friends with benefits, while Pippen believes that they were more than that. However, Pippen recently made it clear that they are just “friends.” Larsa Pippen’s ex-husband, Scottie Pippen has a feud with Marcus Jordan’s father, Michael Jordan. The two once played together for Chicago Bulls.

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She likes to support women’s empowerment

Scottie Pippen with Larsa Pippen
Scottie Pippen and Larsa Pippen

When she was married to Scottie Pippen, the TV personality tried to break the role of being “just” a housewife. She said,

“When I was married to Scottie, I handled his life and the kids. In this chapter of my life, I’m working so hard to be an entrepreneur with all my brands. I want to prove to everyone that, hey, I’m not just a housewife. I wasn’t just married to a basketball player. There’s way more to me.”

It was obviously tough for them as the two were married for a very long time. However, she loved the freedom after the divorce as she went on to star in more shows and grew popular.

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Source: PageSix

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