“My wife deserved to die”: TV Legend Robert Blake Allegedly Bragged About Getting Away With Murder After Killing Wife Bonny Lee Bakley

It won’t be wrong to say that Robert Blake left quite a mark on the film industry. He passed away at 89 on March 9 but over the course of the last century, The Little Rascals star made his way up the ladder until a time came when he was at the top. But the star won’t be remembered primarily for his iconic works including the likes of Baretta or In Cold Blood. Blake’s life story is all about the controversies he has courted. It is the accusation of killing his wife that he is primarily remembered for today.

How did Robert Blake meet his wife?

Robert Blake with his wife Bonnie Lee Bakley
Robert Blake with his wife Bonnie Lee Bakley

Robert Blake met Bonnie Lee Bakley all the way back in 1999. Prior to seeing Blake, Bakley had been in a romantic relationship with Marlon Brando’s son, Christian Brando. Little did any of them know what would be the consequences of this chance meeting.

It might be the air of the jazz club or just outright attraction, but the two knew something was up between them. Their bond strengthened, and they tied the knot in 2000.

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Trouble in Paradise

Robert Blake has been accused of murdering his wife Bonnie Lee Bakley
Robert Blake has been accused of murdering his wife Bonnie Lee Bakley

Their relationship however didn’t stand the test of time. Blake and Bakley’s marriage ran into all sorts of roadblocks. Irreconcilable differences followed. Yet their marriage survived.

But sadly Bakley didn’t.

At the age of 44, she was found dead. In 2001, someone shot at her while she was in her car. And the prime accused was none other than her husband. It was alleged that their differences had become so acute that he resorted to murdering her In Cold Blood (pun intended).

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Robert Blake almost confessed to killing his wife

Robert Blake at Bonnie Lee Bakley's funeral
Robert Blake at Bonnie Lee Bakley’s funeral

Robert Blake was brought into the net of the investigation a year after the crime. But in spite of having a year to prepare his version of events, he had quite the answer –

“She deserved to die.”

While the Judgement Day star was being frisked away, he kept on shouting, “She’s responsible for all this garbage. My wife deserved to die!”

This might be as good a confession as one could have asked for. But even that wasn’t enough to get him convicted, a fact which he couldn’t help but boast about.

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Source: Radar Online

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