Naruto and his Makeover

Who accepts when their favourite hero is portrayed ugly? Here is the fans reaction when the famous Naruto was designed unattractive by the designer.

Naruto – The Japanese Manga

Naruto is the most famous Japanese sequel created by Masashi Kishimoto. This tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki. He, determined Ninja motivated to achieve recognition from his fellow mates and to become the Leader of the Village.

Naruto – The Character

Masashi Kishimoto handcrafts it for a Japanese weekly magazine way back in 1999. Naruto is a ninja trapped with a demon in him. This sequel gives the story of this lead guy who dreams of leading the village. After successful completion of 700 episodes, this sequel was adapted as an anime by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex. This became popular and later claimed a warrant of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

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The Design Makeover:

With the Series still reaching lots and lots of audience, there’s one thing that keeps the audience wondering. This is about what’s happening in the design of the characters. The newly designed Boruto still hanging over the pride of the hidden leaf, while the series gets mixed opinions. One character that is hated the most is Naruto Uzumaki for sitting cushy as the Hokage. Though, the fans aren’t a huge fan of such designs.

This somewhat ugly makeover did tempt few artists to make modifications to his jawline, hair and giving a new makeover. This makeover did earn a lot of attention. Few even marked this makeover like the one similar to Naruto’s father.  His father had more hair than falls down to his face and a jawline that can make the ladies of hidden leaf swoon.


Many more modifications added up which made the eyes narrower, his eyebrows arched and so on. This reached a wider area in the online space. Fans commented on how they can see their favorite hero left to stay ugly.


Since Boruto got underway on TV, the leading TV series hasn’t made any changes yet. But hardcore fans like Sakura are more expecting towards a significant design change. But right now, they have no other way than to have the hero as he is now.

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