Naruto: Most Devastating Failure Of Each Character, Ranked!!

Full of amazing characters and even more incredibly story arcs, Naruto is a world of endless possibilities. There were some characters that committed some truly fatal errors in the Naruto universe, leading to devastating consequences.

Hashirama Senju – Could Not Save The Uchiha Clan

Hashirama Senju was the strongest shinobi in existence. His wood release technique made him an absolute God. His tremendous life force and his incredible chakra reserves made him even more powerful than Madara Uchiha. But for all his strength, he still could not do what he originally started out to do – end the rivalry between the Senju and the Uchiha clan. the establishemtn of the Hidden Leaf Village was based on the pact that Hashirama would be the first Hokage and an Uchiha would be the second. After Madara’s departure and Tobirama taking over as the Nidaime, the Uchihas were even more ostracized. The result – decades later, the Uchiha Clan Massacre happened because the Uchihas felt they were wronged by the Senjus.

Naruto Uzumaki – Did Not Learn About Kurama Early On

Granted he was never told about the monster living inside him until he was well into being a teenager. But that was no excuse. there were umpteen number of times Naruto was overtaken by rage and let Kurama take over him. One time, the power of the Nine tailed Fox forced him to hurt Sakura. The moment Naruto realized the truth about him, he should have started learning more about his status as a Jinchuriki. The fact that he never made an attempt to realize his purpose still astounds us. More often than not, Naruto would just wing it when the fight is not going in his favor, letting Kurama finish something he started. A little more information about Kurama early on would have been of huge help to Naruto in mastering the Tailed Beast’s power.

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Lord Jiraiya – Raising Nagato

Lord Jiraiya is probably the greatest Naruto character ever. And we mean that even while taking Naruto into account. But he had made some mistakes that haunted him in his final days. He found and raised three children within the Hidden Rain Village. Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko looked up to him. But he sort of abandoned them when they needed him the most. he should shave stuck around to help the trio re-establish peace and harmony in their lands. If he had been there, Yahiko would have never died and Nagato would have never become a tyrant and started the Akatsuki. The fourth shinobi world war was partly because Jiraiya was not a good mentor.

Sasuke Uchiha – Left His Friends For Something As Shallow as Power

Look we get it. The world was unfair to him. No one treated him justly. But everyone has a sob story. Tat is no excuse for anyone to go down the dark path and become a bully. Sasuke Uchiha was never told the truth behind the Uchiha Clan massacre. When he went rogue and joined Orochimaru, he was only looking for ways to become more powerful than Itachi so that he could kill his brother. After killing his brother and learning about the truth, his crusade was directed against the Hidden Leaf Village. For the sake of power, this guy would do anything. He left friends who treated the guy like family. In the end, Sasuke’s quest for revenge and power led him to become a truly hated character in the series.

Sakura Haruno – Relying On Naruto Too Much Get The Job Done

Sakura Haruno started out as the typical anime fan-girl character. She was head over heels for Sasuke Uchiha, with whom she was already daydreaming weddings together. But unlike in the anime, where the typical female character undergoes some drastic character development, Sakura did not have any progress or growth. She stayed the same timid and weak little girl she was when the series began. And she stayed in that place for a long, long time. Her character development came way too late. she only started making genuine efforts to become stronger towards the latter phase of Shippuden. But it looked like too little, too late. Her reliance on Naruto for literally everything was not the right call.

Kakashi Hatake – Not Being There When His Students Needed Him The Most

Team 7 was a pretty rough and tough group. It had the crazy prankster, the Uchiha Prodigy, and a pink-haired Uchiha groupie. All had their own stories to tell. Naruto felt like he never belonged with anyone. Sasuke was an outcast. Sakura longed for ways to actually amount to something in Team 7. Kakashi hatake was there in the beginning but he is really bad as a teacher. He taught Sasuke his deadliest technique – the Chidori. He never consoled sakura for not being strong enough to take care of herself. And most of all, he neglected Naruto a lot. He might be the coolest character in the history of anime but the guy was massively flawed.

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Madara Uchiha – Could Not Save His Own Brother

It is easy to forget why Madara Uchiha is a character with a lot of grey areas because of the fact that he was the primary villain for a long time in the show. If anybody asked him about his single greatest failure, he would probably tell the story of Izuna Uchiha, his little brother. When Madara went almost blind because of using his Mangekyo Sharingan too much, Izuna practically forced him to take his eyes. By doing so, Izuna would die in battle because he no longer had his Sharingan to give him the edge. If Madara knew the consequences of his actions, he would have never accepted Izuna’s eyes and his little brother would have been alive.

Danzo Shimura – Letting Itachi And Sasuke Live

This would come as a shocker to many. Itachi was ordered to slaughter his clan and then go rogue. His mission was to stop the Uchihas from starting a civil war within the Hidden Leaf Village. After accomplishing that, his orders were to escape the village and then join Akatsuki, becoming Hidden Leaf’s double agent placed deep undercover within the organization. Here’s the catch though – letting Itachi live was Danzo’s most lethal mistake. The only people who knew the truth about the Uchiha Clan Massacre were the highest echelons of  Konoha’s leadership and Itachi, the latter revealing the truth to Sasuke later. He never even attempted to kill Itachi after the latter went rogue. Had he managed to get the drop on Itachi and Sasuke right after the Uchiha Clan massacre, maybe he would have lived to see another day.

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