Naruto: Times We Loved Sakura Haruno Even Though The Fandom Hates Her

Sakura Haruno is the most despised character in Naruto, not one of the villains. This Team 7 member is frequently chastised for being ineffective and boy-crazy.

Although this attitude is widespread, it is unjust. Sakura has issues, but she isn’t as bad as others claim she is. On the contrary, she’s a fascinating, well-developed character who has a lot to give the series.

Sakura is a qualified medical practitioner who can also use her fists to split the Earth in half. And she’s one of the finest pink-haired anime characters.

Is it reasonable to despise the obsessive ninja? Sure. Personal preferences are acceptable, and no character can appeal to everyone. You don’t have to like her, but if you’re a hater, discovering why admirers like Sakura may persuade you differently.

1. When Sakura Saved Naruto

Times we loved Sakura Haruno
Times we loved Sakura Haruno

Many people anticipated Naruto to perish during the Birth of the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki storyline when Madara extracted the Nine-Tails that had been trapped within him. Gaara, on the other hand, brings the brave ninja to his father, Minato.

On the way, Sakura tries to heal Naruto, but after finding that her jutsu is incapable of reproducing Yang-healing Kurama’s effect, Sakura slices into his chest and physically pumps his heart, saving his life.

2. When Sakura Fought Sasori

Times we loved Sakura Haruno
Times we loved Sakura Haruno

Sakura demonstrates tremendous power during the fight against Sasori in the Kazekage Rescue Mission arc. She stops Sasori several times with the help of Chiyo, utilizing her chakra-enhanced power. Sakura goes so far as to use her body to protect Chiyo.

Sakura and Chiyo utilize a variety of jutsus together, and in the end, Sakura punches Sasori, which is the final straw that leads to his death.

3. When Sakura Saved Sasuke & Naruto Both

Times we loved Sakura Haruno
Times we loved Sakura Haruno

Sakura surely saves Naruto and Sasuke’s life during their final combat at the Valley of the End during the Kaguya Otsutsuki Strikes storyline. Sakura arrives on the scene and heals them, halting the bleeding and effectively saving their lives after they both lose an arm. She subsequently assists Naruto when he obtains the prosthetic arm through Hashirama’s cells.

 4. When She Accepted Sasuke

Sakura has had a crush on Sasuke since they were little. She expressed her thoughts when they were younger, but Sasuke couldn’t care less. Sakura, on the other hand, never gave up on him. She loved him even after he became an outlaw and assaulted the Five Kage Summit in the Land of Iron, not to mention Sasuke attacked her and put genjutsu on her. Despite this, she remained solid because she believed in her love.

5. Genjutsu Guru

Few people can equal Sakura’s chakra control. She’d had a talent for it since she was a youngster. Her chakra control enables her to dismiss genjutsu. Kakashi himself has noted this up. Sakura is thought to be totally resistant to genjutsu after the conflict.


Contrary to Sakura Haruno, Sakura Uchiha is much less hated. In Boruto, Sakura is mature, powerful, and usually has a sense of rationality that her teenage self did not possess. Sakura in Boruto is much more revered, even though she is only a supporting character there.


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