Natasha Romanoff gets a new haircut

The production for Black Widow has started and some fresh photos are in circulation sowing new haircuts for Natasha Romanoff.


Solo outing for Romanoff

Solo outing for Romanoff
Black Widow and her best friend Hawk-eye

The much awaited movie, Black Widow will be hitting the theaters this May. After Captain Marvel, this will be the second female led movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After few backlash experienced in the previous female led movie (Captain Marvel), there is higher expectations from Black Widow. However, the studio is currently re-shooting few scenes from the movie.


Why the re-shoot?

Why the re-shoot?
The movie to hit theaters in May

Despite the release date being very near, the studios is still re-shooting a few scenes from the movie. Perhaps, because of the high expectations from the fans and the criticism against Captain Marvel, the directors want  no stone upturned to let this one be a huge success. However, many of the blockbusters have undergone re-shoot. And maybe this could be one too.


New photos of Black Widow

New photos of Black Widow
Black Widow, rocking the new haircut

The new photos circulating online, though do not reveal anything about the plot; they have shown Scarlett Johansson rocking a braided haircut. The new cut gives the Black Widow a more bad-ass look.

One more thing fans must remember is that, this spin off shall take place following Captain America: Civil War, a world where Natasha is not dead yet. So, it is not a continuation of the Avengers: End Game, rather is set in the past. This movie may also see a short role of Iron Man, who is also not dead yet.

Black Widow to hit theaters in May 2020.


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