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Over the Thanksgiving break, the internet’s been hit by a new storm. It is because of the Netflix users reaction on The Irishman. To speak further, most of the internet users are calling the Matin Scorsese directorial boring. The reviews came after the Oscar-winning director’s online movie release this week. As a result, the streaming giant, this weekend, responded to one of the users who sarcastically commented on the movie.

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A Scene from The Irishman

Users tweeted about the best way to experience The Irishman is to create a nifty episode guide and slice it into manageable chunks to watch. The Netflix as a reaction thought up a witty response to the comedic tweet quickly.

Netflix’s satire to a sarcastic tweet

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To be more precise, a user sarcastically tweeted about Scorsese’s movie. He said that Scorsese might magically appear beside him to thrash. In a response tweet, Netflix fired up saying the director will surely look. Netflix continued further. They said Scorsese, instead of beating the boy will direct the child throughout the movie. After all, Netflix meant to say is how differently the viewer receives the cinema; every experience of art is validated.

The recent Netflix tweet might be counter Scorsese’s experience. It was different from which he revealed in an interview. From the discussion, it is evident that Scorsese surely wants the audience to enjoy his movie.

Scorsese’s interview 

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Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese recently appeared on Popcorn with Peter Travers interview. In the interview, Scorsese confessed he never thought of the chance of watching The Irishman on palm-sized phones. Scorsese worked as director and made films for both the big screens as well as televisions. He asked the viewers to prefer watching his movies on big screens instead of phones. His idea is to watch the film on bigger screens as phones don’t give much of a cinematic experience.

Source: ComicBook

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