Netflix Introducing Ads?!

The end is near, the golden era of binging loads of television and movies without seeing even a single ad might be coming to an end.

Unlike Netflix, Hulu has been using ads in their basic subscription services(you can of course pay extra to eliminate ads), Netflix on the other hand, has been operating without ads since the very beginning, allowing it’s users to enjoy the uninterrupted ‘ad free’ experience.

But lately some reports from subscribers themselves have surfaced online claiming that the streaming service is forcing them to sit through ‘full-length’ ads.

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A reddit user who goes by the name of WhyAllTheTrains posted about this issue on thursday, according to him, he had just finished watching an episode of Rick and Morty on Netflix and instead of streaming next episode, netflix played the trailer for Better Call Saul, he also pointed out that the commercial had a times, sitting in the corner, like youtube ads but there was no point where he could skip through the ad, so he had to sit through the entire trailer.

The same issue was noted by another user where he was forced to watch a trailer of I am a Killer, which aired between the episodes of Bob’s Burger, in both the cases the shows that were advertised were not relevant to the shows users were watching.

Subscribers of the service have really gotten used to using the service completely commercial free, therefore an introduction of ads might upset users and put a damper on the ad free experience but at this point there is no official word from Netflix on any sort of ad rollout, it is very much possible that netflix is just testing ads in certain regions and that the ads are only about other shows and services available on the streaming service and not about any other commercial products or services from other companies.

How do you feel about the possibility of Netflix introducing ads? Let us know in the comment below!


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