Netflix is stopping its service for some devices

As the year-end inches near, Netflix announced big changes. Its been uncertain to the online users. where they stand. Questions raise between the costumers whether Netflix works in their device or not in the coming days. If you haven’t heard or wanna know the devices under this online streaming service risk, this article is for you.

netflix announcement
Netflix announcement

Netflix released an announcement about the devices it’s service is rendering. In other words, Netflix soon stops its service in some gadgets. For instance, Smart TV owners and new devices are out of the risk. Yet Samsung 2010-11 TVs of Code C or D  are going to be under service cut. Also, from December 1st, 2019 many Roku devices models won’t be Netflix supportive. There’s a fun part(of course sarcasm) if your device is going to make it in the Netflix supported one or not. If your  Samsung TV is past 2011, it is good to go for now. Well, that confirmation is comforting right. Even, the later Roku models make your path clear to binge-watch.

Know the Device models

 netflix announcement

Gaining the model code for those old Samsung TVs is surprisingly easy. You can find a serial number behind this older Television unit. Above this serial number, the model code is available. Also, it includes a version number if you need it. If you face trouble finding the code, take time and check out on Samsung’s site. For the New Smart TVs the model code with a serial number is found under the support menu options. Follow the steps to get navigation. Go to Menu>Click the contact Samsung option. A dialogue box pops with all the information including software version and model code. Heres a list of the soon gonna be affected Roku devices: Roku 2000C, Roku 2100X, Roku XR, Roku2050X, SDRoku XD, Roku HD Roku. Also, devices not featuring “auto-play” on Netflix

Announcement by Samsung

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Samsung posted a message to its users regarding the Netflix service changes. It updated with a date that Netflix is going to stop its services starting on December 1st, 2019. It also confirmed saying Older versions of Samsung shall be affected. Also, Newer Smart TVs and the future one are capable to stream by Netflix connecting the TV


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