Netflix’s Downfall Problem Isn’t Password Sharing, It’s The Copycat Shows Movies

When Netflix was introduced to the world, no one thought it would reach the heights it has today. The streaming platform has become a must-own one in every household, thanks to the spectacular shows it has been producing. The content they have on the platform is what attracts the viewers to keep paying for the subscription.


Yes yes, we know probably many of our readers, don’t have their own subscription either! Due to the high subscription fees of the popular streaming site, viewers prefer to share passwords with their friends and family. Many have even admitted to still using their exes, despite separating months back!

Netflix saw this as a huge problem and decided to make sure people can’t share their passwords anymore and after this news, something happened now one imagined!

Netflix Reports Loss of 200,000 accounts!

Netflix should concentrate on their content
Netflix has been a favorite streaming platform for some years

Subscribers got pissed at this and canceled the subscriptions. This caused the streaming giant a loss of 200,000 accounts in the first three months of the year and they have projected losses of a further 2 million subscribers in the year 2022.

On the other hand, HBO, Amazon, Disney, Discovery, and even Hulu are at the top of their game! They have been offering their services at a lower price and are putting up shows that are in demand.

Netflix has been a boon during the Corona Virus pandemic and when every one of us was stuck at home, we were glued to our screens making the most of the streaming website.

What Has Happened With Netflix?

Netflix should put banning password sharing idea on a hold
Netflix’s recent show Bridgerton season 2 has been gaining some viewership

Well, they called this upon themselves. They shared a note with the shareholders revealing, “sharing passwords between households likely helped fuel [their] growth by getting more people using and enjoying Netflix. They have always tried to make sharing within a member’s household easy, offering features like profiles and multiple streams.

But honestly, there is nothing wrong with sharing the password right? Aren’t we already paying so much for other basic amenities and college how does Netflix expect us to pay a high monthly subscription fee just by ourselves?

The streaming giant is clearly not happy with it and wants it to STOP

Is Netflix Now Panicking?

Well, duh! The company has faced a lot of loss with password sharing so they decided to “get into it” and realized that more than 100 million households were sharing a password. They tried to test ways to curb this in Peru, Chile, and Costa Rica.

Now Netflix is soon going to roll out its ways to prevent users from sharing passwords which means all of us will soon be charged an extra fee if we share the passwords. The streaming giant feels that this is the reason they are losing their subscribers, but are mistaken.

 Is Netflix’s Content now dusted?

Netflix should focus more on their content
Netflix needs to come up with much better content on a regular basis

Fans have been complaining about the kind of content that is being launched on the streaming platform. Back then they came up with fresh releases and even the TV series we saw was extremely novel and no one would have imagined something like to even exist.

However, these days, the content feels forced. When it comes to quite a number of shows, there was no need to come up with other seasons, especially shows like 13 reasons why, but they just kept milking from the series, and then it just got disappointing.

Many fans took on Reddit to voice their opinions about the streaming giant.

One user said that “Netflix pumps out originals faster than babies take sh**ts“. While the other user accused the platform saying, “The shows are lacking in quality, a mostly Adam Sandler library and bad teenager oriented whitewashed content.

Long story short, the fact that Netflix is already suffering from the password sharing scenario, they should first concentrate on coming up with amazing shows and concepts as well rather than just focusing on how to prevent people from sharing passwords. Looks like either way, they are losing their valuable subscribers.

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