Netflix’s New Slasher: Solstice Makes You Forget All About Scream

Solstice provides a new perspective into gore

The 2015 Scream series upset followers of the Wes Craven franchise from the ’90s.  It was the fact that it was more of a teen dramatization than a self-mindful slasher collection. Scream: Resurrection will finally debut after extensive delays on VH1 this month. The same followers are eager to see if the drawbacks of the previous seasons remain. The series integrates the return of the initial Ghostface killer. If you want a collection that catches the goriness of Scream, you will enjoy Slasher: Solstice.


Slasher: Solstice third part of franchise

Netflix's New Slasher: Solstice
Picture Credits: What’s on Netflix

The Slasher anthology franchise had two previous seasons, The Executioner and Guilty Party. Generally, the franchise based itself on retribution. It’s like how Ghostface’s deaths based itself on revenge. In Solstice, the Druid goes after renters in an apartment building.

Netflix’s Slasher: Solstice compared to Scream

Netflix’s Slasher: Solstice compared to Scream
Picture Credits: Netflix

It’s revealed that the Druid’s slaughtering victims are a component of a copycat plan. It’s a scheme related to another Druid murder outside the apartment. Solstice rises to the Scream tv series by embracing the original Scream movies. The guess that factor of the Druid is cleverly done and maintains audiences at night till the very end. This certain disclose admires Scream 2.


The Druid seems like a contemporary Ghostface with its black dress and mask. It’s a new sci-fi-inspired look that creates a distinctive and enduring impression, much as Ghostface did.


Solstice is also extremely gory as well as handles its kills even far better than the Scream films did. The plume in Solstice’s cap is its inventiveness, creating new means to eliminate while upgrading old ones. The program still elevates the bar so high that we can’t see VH1’s show coming anywhere near it.

Watch the trailer for Slasher: Solstice from Netflix here:


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