‘Has He Joined The Illuminati Or A Satanic Cult?’: As New Armie Hammer Documentary Goes Viral, Disgraced Actor’s Mysterious New Chest Tattoo Gives Off All Sorts Of Red Flags

The Lone Ranger actor, Armie Hammer has broken into headlines once again. The actor is famously known for his role in Call Me By Your Name, which featured a romantic relationship between a 17-year-old and his father’s temporary assistant. Despite his acting career containing a portfolio of successful films, the controversy that surrounds the actor has almost completely shrouded his acting career to a standstill. The actor has recently come out of a 6-month rehabilitation program and was photographed wearing blue patterned swim shorts with a  new tattoo placed at the center of his chest that has got Twitter riled up.

Armie Hammer: the documentary coming to you soon

Armie Hammer
House Of Hammer documentary poster

When allegations of violence, emotional abuse, and cannibalism surfaced against Armie Hammer, they made international news. The demise of the Hollywood star will allegedly be covered up in an upcoming docuseries, along with abuse allegations dating back five generations. House of Hammer, a three-part Discovery+ series exploring the Hammer family, chronicles the now-disgraced actor’s life of alcohol abuse, alleged BDSM, and infidelity.

Armie Hammer’s ex-girlfriend Courtney Vucekovich and artist Julia Morrison, will appear in the docuseries and speak out on camera about disturbing texts and direct messages in which he allegedly described in-depth sexual fetishes and a desire to eat their flesh. The documentary will expose alarming revelations, according to his aunt Casey Hammer, who is interviewed in the trailer, which was released on August 10.

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Armie Hammer’s new tattoo

Armie Hammer
Armie Hammer spotted with a new tattoo

The Call Me By Your Name actor is visible in the photos taken on August 9 that was obtained by The U.S. Sun. He spent most of the last two years in the Cayman Islands before being seen beside the pool at an unidentified hotel. The actor has a triangle-shaped tattoo on his chest and has been the subject of his “cannibal” scandal since January 2021. He has a big, upside-down triangle tattooed in the center of his chest that mirrored the triangle on his forearm within the picture above.

A line runs across the triangle on the forearm ink. The former represents water in alchemy, whereas the latter represents air.

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Twitter fans get to theorize the meaning behind the ink

Armie Hammer
Armie Hammer in The Lone Ranger

Spotting the alleged cannibalistic actor on social media after all the chaos that surrounded him last year instantly got Twitter’s attention. Users started to theorize about the meaning behind the tattoo, as they are not convinced that the actor behind sexual violations and cannibalistic tendencies could have such simple meaning tattoos.

Whether the actor actually has any connections to any of the claims that the Twitter users make is beyond any proof as of now. It seems as though the rehabilitation period may have been too effective as it can be said that Armie Hammer looks completely unphased by the fact that he will be getting his very own docuseries surrounding all the controversy that had destroyed his reputation since last year.

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Source: The Sun

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