New Black Widow Trailer Disproves Popular Taskmaster Fan Theory

New Black Widow footage has disproved a popular fan theory regarding the taskmaster. So who could be underneath the mask?
Marvel’s Black Widow made everyone swoon with the first trailer that dropped in December last year. Since then theories have been running rampant regarding various aspects of the story. Some are speculating about the timeline while others are concerned about Russian Captain America. But among all this, a very peculiar theory emerged which soon gained prominence. Many said that it was Rachel Weisz who was Taskmaster in the movie. But new footage from the movie has disproved this theory. Check out the new special look of Black Widow below:

Rachel Weisz As Taskmaster Theory

Is Rachel Weisz playing the taskmaster? Pic courtesy:
Is Rachel Weisz playing the taskmaster? Pic courtesy:

Black Widow’s solo movie was a long time due. The solo movie will dive into Natasha Romanoff’s past and will introduce new characters, both heroes and villains into the MCU. One of the villains is the Taskmaster. The taskmaster is a skilled mercenary with photographic reflexes which allows him to skillfully replicate any physical move. There were long speculations about who could be under that mask. A popular theory said that Rachel Weisz could be the one, but this has been disproved in the new special look for Black Widow.

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Why Rachel Weisz Can’t Be The Taskmaster?

Rachel Weisz as the Taskmaster? We don't think so. Pic courtesy:
Rachel Weisz as the Taskmaster? We don’t think so. Pic courtesy:

In the special look, there was new footage with Taskmaster, Rachel Weisz’s Melina and a shared location which looks to be evidence that they are not the same person.

In the first official trailer, Taskmaster and Red Guardian were seen fighting in a building with a white interior, lots of windows, and some different colored lights. In the new special look, Weisz in a white suit (like the one we saw Nat wearing in the first trailer) can be seen in the same location. Now here’s where you need to look closely because you will see Red Guardian in the background when Melina takes out a guard around the 40 second mark. So unless she makes a costume change or there are multiple encounters in the same location, the theory of Rachel Weisz’s Melina being the Taskmaster can be put to rest.

Of course this might have put a dampener on the hype train of the people who were hoping for this theory to come true. But the MCU rarely does things which the fans theorize, they always seem to be two steps ahead of their fans at all times. But this means that Melina is quite certain to be on the side on the heroes. Although we must say that it would have been interesting to see Nat fight her mother figure.

If Rachel Weisz is not the Taskmaster then it leaves the door quite open regarding who it could be. So fans can resume their theorizing. Although it does seem like O-T Fagbenle will be the lead villain in the movie. Well, we will know who is under the mask for sure in just a few months.

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