First Look at New Captain America – Peggy Carter

Thanks to a superb performance by Hayley Atwell in Captain America: The First Avengers, we are getting a new Captain America.

In the alternate reality of Exiles, Peggy Carter will be the Captain America. The love interest of Steve Rogers has earned this status with his spectacular roles in all of Captain adventure. We owe this big time to Miss Atwell who nailed this role.

What many of us don’t know that Atwell has voiced Peggy in Avengers Assemble. She is also playing the lead in Agent Carter TV series.

We don’t know what the future holds for Atwell and Agent Carter but it does seem bright.

Atwell literally made the guys go “Wowwwww” with her beauty and amazing screen presence. And now with the responsibility of leading the Avengers, we just couldn’t wait to see.

The cover for Exiles # 3 is designed by Dave Marquez. Here is the first look, thanks to comicbooksgalaxy for the image.

New Captain America in Exiles # 3 Cover

Even after having a long history in the comic world, this is the first time that Carter has taken up the mantle.

But Marvel gave us a hint of it a couple of years ago. In 2016, when Marvel celebrated the 75th anniversary of Captain America, it introduced other characters’ take on the role.

However, no one expected that anyone except Steve Rogers could be the Cap.

“Future Fight had received an alternate universe child of Steve and Peggy, Sharon Rogers who was a futuristic take on Captain America and she is getting a Funko, but she is yet to appear in the comic books. Puzzle Quest had introduced Peggy Carter as Captain America which was complete with a video explaining the history of this character.”


But why is there a need for another Captain? What happens to Steve Rogers?

Steve Rogers had been assassinated before the Super Soldier program, leaving Peggy Carter to become the New Captain America.


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