New ghastly Wanda Vision fan art on Instagram shows a twisted yet undeniable dark reality where Scarlet Witch, with glaring, evil-red eyes is seen magically controlling the corpse of Vision.  He has a disintegrating skull indicating the plucking away of the mind stone from Vision’s forehead by Thanos in Infinity War.  Due to this Vision dies in the movie and he was never seen after that in the following movies of the Marvel franchise.


Fan art Wanda Vision 


 What does Wanda Vision comprise of ?


Wanda Vision Disney+ show

In this recently released Disney + show, Wanda Vision, Vision is alive and is with his wife Wanda, living an idealized, suburban life in the town of Westview. The couple struggles to conceal their superpowers from their neighbors. However, there is an aura of darkness and manipulation surrounding the town and there is more to every person living in that illusion of fake reality. As everything isn’t as it seems to be. 

 The further analysis into the twisted world of Wanda Vision 


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Even Though Wanda Vision is a sitcom, there is an eerie feel to the show with dark, twisted secrets waiting to unfold. This new fan art specifically proves that many theories can be drawn regarding the show and what more it has got to unfold. After the Endgame it was a shocking revelation to see Vision alive in the show, how did he make it alive is still a question.  Even he doesn’t seem to remember that he died. 

In the sixth episode of Wanda Vision “All-New Halloween Spooktacular”, Vision discovers new and darker truths about how Wanda is controlling the entire town. He also learns the truth about his death through Agnes. Following which he tries to push through the static wall and disintegrates.

The wait till the climax of Wanda Vision should be worth it.

Is Wanda using her manipulative powers to create a fake reality as a grief coping mechanism to deal with Vision’s loss? Well, the answers to all these will eventually unfold with the climax of Wanda Vision. Until then fans can only wonder to expect what next, and let’s hope the end is worth the wait.


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