The DC Extended Universe has been trying to explore as many platforms as possible, its either under water or in World War 1, but there’s one movie in production that Warner Brothers have been silent about, the New Gods, this movie would explore the galactic worlds of the DC Universe. director Ava Duvernay has confirmed that Mister Miracle writer Tom King will co-write the film she said the following.

“Hey [Tom King] you ready to write new gods buddy?” she also shared an image with her and King.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige took notice of this having him to order a movie very similar to the New Gods, Marvel’s Eternals, casting rumours have officially begun, unfortunately we have sad news for DC fans it looks like Marvel will release their version first.

New Gods director Ava Duvernay has been responsible for Disneys A Rinkle Out Of Time and although that movie didn’t go well with critics it was visually stunning, if she continues this artistic way for the New Gods we will be in for a treat.

Although there are several comic books of the franchise they’re still unknown, if you are not a comic book reader there’s a good chance you never even heard anything about this team, villains such as Steppenwolf from Justice League are set to appear, DC fans should expect a cameo or mention of Darkseid. This is set in the current DC Extended Universe, but we shouldn’t see our hear from any Justice League characters, Although Wonder Woman would make an excellent cameo for the film its important they don’t overcrowde the film with movies such as Suicide Squad (2016) having so many characters with no time to explore them or their origins it turned out to be a mess.

DC are trying to explore a less Batman and Superman universe, a movie such as this and SHAZAM! Show less popular characters to get a shot on the big screen, even though SHAZAM! Wasn’t a huge success at the box office it done tremendously with critics, scoring 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, ratings such as that is what the DC Extended Universe needed.

It’s also no secret that Warner Brothers will mention the gods in more upcoming projects, an all CGI world with spaceships and previous DC characters to appear does not sound cheap to make, there’s currently no estimated budget for the movie but if Warner Brothers are interested in strong ratings and less of a box office success, a 200 million dollar budget sounds about right for a team up movie like this, there’s also no casting choices made yet, the film has an estimated 2022-2023 release date.

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