The Godzilla vs. Kong trailer has already smashed several records since its release. Months before the actual trailer announcement, Godzilla vs. Kong action figures disclose the significant details about Kong’s weapon in the film. However, there are speculations that Kong’s ax probably was not made from his rival’s dorsal fins, but from the original Godzilla’s remains.

Godzilla vs.Kong
Godzilla vs. Kong

In the later part of the trailer, Kong’s ax got noticed, which is arguably the adequate tool in his weaponry and the most talked-about part of the trailer. There is strong reason to believe that in order to control Godzilla, Monarch may have to trust Kong. who shares a special bond with a young child. Additionally, Godzilla and Kong will encounter each other to claim the alpha of the Titans. It seems that Godzilla can lose King of the Monsters’ crown to Kong, which he acquired by killing Ghidorah.

Godzilla’s Skeleton in 2014 movie

Kong finds Original Godzilla Theory:-

The axe’s origins are still questionable but it is also the weapon that can help Kong to defeat in MonsterVerse rematch. There are particular parts of the trailer and images of Kong that have cleared our suspicion thatt he axe blade is Godzilla’s dorsal fins. It is similar to the shape and texture of the spikes of Godzilla’s dorsal fin.

Kong finds original Godzilla theory depends on where the Titan war occurred between Kong’s and Godzilla’s ancestors. Godzilla vs. Kong trailer description conformed that it happened “deep within our worlds.” And we saw a glimpse of a red-colored hand outside the cave which Kong was touching. As per the trailer, Kong was visiting this place in a question to find a new home. Moreover, This statement makes sense that Kong found Godzilla’s ancestor inside the cave and later constructed his axe with his fin.

Kongs special advantage in Godzilla vs. Kong:-

Kong axe can cut Godzilla’s thick hide for several reasons. One of the reason is that it is made for Godzilla or his ancestors. The axe gives particular preference to Kong while fighting with Godzilla. In Godzilla vs. Kong trailer, we saw Godzilla’s atomic breath; it is crucial because Kong’s most significant disadvantage in the original movie, King Kong vs. Godzilla, is the same. Kong cannot withstand this tremendous amount of energy, and he can’t do much whenever Godzilla fired at him.

Godzilla vs. Kong
Kong and Godzilla fight in Godzilla vs.Kong

Additionally, the axe was already blue before Godzilla even fired a blast on him. One of the theories that the axe’s link to Godzilla seems to provide it with some strange power may be radioactive.
One of the significant theories of Godzilla vs. Kong speculating around is that Kong’s axe will use Godzilla’s energy against him. This hypothesis can explain the axe’s blue color when Godzilla uses his atomic energy; then, the axe will absorb it and operate the power against him. Another theory of Godzilla vs. Kong states that When Kong inserts an ax in Godzilla’s body, it will unleash powers.

Kong’s weapon ax will become the biggest threat to the King of the Monsters’ crown in Godzilla vs. Kong. Official news from Godzilla vs. Kong will be shed some light on the matter of Kong’s weapon and its working mechanism.

Source:- Screenrant, Comicbook

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