New Les Misérables TV Series Gives A Totally Different Look At The Story

It’s taken us a long time to come to terms with the fact that there are many who believe that the whole story of Les Miserables is better without the songs.

New Les Miserables TV series is different

Obviously, the iconic story first came in novel form which gave them a pretty strong leg to stand on. It’s also true that a few of the deepest intricacies of Les Miserables plot can be lost without the music and close up of Aamna Hathaway’s sad face.

Les Miserables Tv Series
Les Miserables Tv Series

This is one of the reasons why BBC Studios’ version of Les Miserables doesn’t feature any vocal accompaniment to the whole storyline and is instead adapted directly from French novel by Victor Hugo.

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The Adapted Series will Premier on FOXTEL.

New Les Miserables TV series gives a different look at the whole story
New Les Miserables TV series gives a different look at the whole story

Les Miserables is story of Jean Valjean, who is a former convict who couldn’t escape the shadow of his past life pursued by the police officer and former guard Javert, who wants to bring him justice years later. On the other side of the story is Lilly Collins’ Fantine, who’s a working-class woman abandoned by her former lover, who then takes desperate measures as she struggles to provide for Cosette.

All the stories of these characters collide in Paris, where a revolution has taken place. The most interesting element of this new TV adaptation is that it gives us a deeper look into the life of Fantine, with her story expanded beyond anything we have seen in the film versions.

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In early episodes, a poor Fantine is forced to leave Paris before she makes a difficult decision to help her daughter Cosette a better chance at life.

Fantine’s rich but sad story was moulded into one song in the musical version, but the series gives it enough space that it needs to rip your heart apart, as we see the impoverished young mother turn to prostitution, then sell both her teeth and hair to support her daughter. Even when you’ve read the pages of novel or have seen the musical version, the new BBC version of Les Miserables has found a way to show a whole new side of the story.

The Release date for Les Miserables is set for 10th march, Sunday on Foxtel. It’s rated M.

Source: Mamamia, YouTube

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