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The Looney Tunes are now making a comeback, and now the first of some new Looney Tunes shorts from the Warner Bros Animation has been released online.

First Short of the New Looney Tunes released

Watch the new Looney Tunes short below, and get more details on this Looney Tunes resurgence, below!

This first short of the Looney Tunes is called “Dynamite Dance”, which brings back the classic cat-and-mouse antics of Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny. The Dynamite Dance short is only about 90 seconds long, but is definitely effective at conveying everything that the classic Looney Tunes cartoons were all about.

The sequence, Dynamite Dance sees Elmer Fudd chasing the Bugs Bunny, trying to take his intended quarry out with a scythe. Bugs quickly turns the tables on poor clueless Elmer, of course, finding increasingly elaborate and funny ways to slip dynamite deterrents into the hunter’s face. Best of all, we get the classic Looney Tunes staple of having all this animated action being set to classical music by a full orchestra (Amilcare Ponchielli’s classic the “Dance of the Hours”), instead of dialogue. In this case, the Ponchielli music really does enhance the comedy, as Bugs nails Elmer with explosion after explosion, all to the beat of the orchestras overture.

In short: this is classic Looney Tunes done super right.

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Variety reports that “Dynamite Dance” was but one of more than a dozen Looney Tunes shorts that were screened, as part of the Annecy Intl. Animation Festival that’s taking place in Annecy, France. The shorts were screened as part of one big feature-length screening, which was the MC’d by supervising director Alex Kirwan, WB’s vice president of series Audrey Diehl, and executive producer Peter Browngardt.

“We are approaching each short as its own film, and not as an episode in a series,” Browngardt said to Variety during an interview. “Our mantra on the shorts is story, comedy and reverence for the classic Looney Tunes of the ‘30s and ‘40s and the way they used a more cartoonist driven animation.

“We are a group of cartoonists together in a room and we draw funny gag drawings and come up with wild scenarios,” he added later. “I feel like that is what made the classic Looney Tunes so fantastic. It wasn’t screen writers; they were thinking completely visual all the time. I feel like the best cartoon animation comes from that process.”

Future plans

So far WB Animation has plans to produce more than 200 new Looney Tunes shorts (1,000+ minutes worth), with somewhere between 20 and 30 already in the plan can. There’s no confirmed distribution plan that’s been announced yet, with broadcast TV, digital release, or airings during movie theater previews segments all mentioned as possibilities. Any and all ways that sound fine by us, so long as it results in that classic Looney Tunes experience making a super big return.

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