New Marvel Female Superhero TV Series By Wonder Woman Writer Reportedly Under-Way

A new report from Deadline states that ABC is coming up with another Marvel TV series focused on “female characters with superpowers.” The series is being reportedly written by Wonder Woman writer Allan Heinberg and will be an hour-long drama focusing on “less known” Marvel characters.

Marvel TV head Jeff Loeb will also be a part of the project though details about other characters in the series have not been revealed yet. According to Deadline, Lady Liberators, Fearless Defenders, and A-Force are some of the less-known Marvel properties but there’s no speculation about the series’ content yet.

Apart from this, Marvel will also be launching new content on the upcoming Disney streaming service. Earlier reports said that Marvel will be launching a mini-series on Loki and Scarlet Witch as these characters have a lot of potential for expansion. In addition to the Disney streaming platform and ABC, Marvel’s Netflix series, Freeform’s Cloak and Dagger and Hulu’s Runaways also have a pretty solid fan base.

After Marvel’s Inhumans struggled to draw the audiences’ interest last year, ABC was put under extreme pressure to launch a successful Marvel TV series. Even Agents of SHIELD has found itself against cancellation a lot of times before establishing itself as a cult hit whereas Agent Carter somehow completed two seasons before flopping out.

It’s evident that this new female superhero show will have a tough time finding success on ABC but with Wonder Woman’s Allan Heinberg working on the project, we hope that his good luck charm works for Marvel. At the moment, ABC needs one Marvel show to succeed Agents of SHIELD, which will not return till 2019 and with Captain Marvel around the corner, this might be the best time to launch a female superhero series.

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