New Naruto-Style Techniques on Dragon Ball Super

To be sure, Dragon Ball Super struck a bit of a wall. Because of the wild power scaling so far over the course of the franchise, the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc had to be quite creative with its new villain to give Goku and Vegeta sufficiently credible challenge as their current power levels far outstripped any other enemy you might think of. Ultimately just saying that a villain is stronger won’t do the trick, and for our heroes it’s the same. So by introducing a new type of technique, the latest chapter of the manga seems to provide the answer to this conundrum.

Improvising the Characters

A screenshot of Naruto, the lead
A screenshot of Naruto, the lead

As Planet Eater Moro continued to defeat Goku and Vegeta when they just tried to fight with brute strength, they learned they need to be a bit more intelligent with how they use that power. Chapter 52 of the series introduces Spirit Control, and one’s mastery of it unlocks Naruto like techniques which will allow Vegeta to summon clones, grow himself to larger sizes, and seemingly all other sorts of sneaky ninja moves.

Vegeta learns of Instant Transmission

When Vegeta finally reaches Yardrat, he learns that Instant Transmission is actually one branching of the main type of training called Spirit Control. By mastering controlling one’s aura, a fighter can shift it in any way they wish, and that will open up the fights moving forward. Because if Vegeta’s using these “Jutsu” like techniques, which will seemingly increase over the course of the arc as Vegeta continues to master this training, it will add a new layer to the base brawls. 

Compared to Hunter x Hunter

A dangerous looking Naruto
A dangerous looking Naruto

It’s probably why the idea of it in the first place is garnering a lot of comparisons to another shonen action series, Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter. When Nen was introduced to that series — a power level system that granted abilities by shaping their own personal auras — it really changed how the fights worked. 

It could very well work the same here. And while this idea might be pulling from multiple inspirations, combining this with Goku and Vegeta’s massive power levels and space wide scale will hopefully bring a new flavour to this familiar concept. 

Source: Comicbook, Simplenews

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