New Playstation 4 Avatar Released for $100

The current data taken from PS4 online gaming reveals that a majority of Playstation 4 gamers rarely buy avatars. Gamers usually settle themselves with the default avatars that the system provides. Very few gamers play with the newer avatars, and even a fewer number have the premium avatars.

Target Audience for Playstation 4 Avatar

New Playstation 4 Avatar Released for $100
PS4 games provide users with default avatars

If you’re a gamer who haven’t gotten into the habit of purchasing avatars, or aren’t planning to, then this new avatar won’t be for you. On the other hand, if you’re interested in buying the latest avatar and showing off your riches, then keep reading. This avatar will essentially be a perfect addition to your collection.

Release of New Avatar

New Playstation 4 Avatar Released for $100
Users can choose to purchase new avatars from a wide variety of options

The new avatar is named the State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem – Golden Prince Avatar. It costs a whopping $100 for reasons that remain unknown. The avatar has a November 1 release. It has also received constant attention from the gamers community.

Pricing of New Playstation Avatar

Pricing of New Playstation Avatar
The pricing of the new avatar is comparatively more expensive

It’s possible that the price was a typing error. It seems truly absurd that an avatar of a game could cost $92 more than the actual game – reserving it only for those who are dedicate to purchasing in. The game has several other avatars that come for only $1, making it possible that a pricing error made it $100 instead of $1. If this actually is the case, then the eventual correction of the price could lose the avatar all it’s “premium” value. It would be ideal for those interested to wait for any changes before spending an entire $100 to show off.

Source: Comicbook, Push Square

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