New Released Concept Art Shows Thanos Decapitating [Spoiler], No It’s Not Captain America

New released concept art shows Thanos’s barbarity and how he treated his own soldiers. It set the precedent for how he would treat his own daughter later on.

Viewers got a glimpse of just how brutal Thanos is in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. But this deleted scene will drive the point home of just how merciless he was. It shows just how mad the Titan is and how he treated his own soldiers, the Outriders.

But since Thanos is now dead (or is he), it begs the question of if he was the herald of the next big bad in the MCU, Galactus. We think so:

Thanos Decapitated His Own Soldiers 

Thanos decapitated his own outriders. Pic courtesy:
Thanos decapitated his own outriders. Pic courtesy:

Ever since Endgame came out, we have been getting glimpses into the making process and deleted scenes. We learned about the last minute scripted Captain Marvel and Thanos fight, the non Thanos vs Hulk rematch and more. Now concept artist Jerad S. Merantz has come forward to share some of his work on Instagram. This has revealed some of the more gruesome pieces which were later abandoned. The piece shared by him depicts a decapitated Outrider’s head wired up to a bit of space-age machinery.

Check out the post below:

In the caption, Merantz explained that Thanos was originally using his henchemen to spy on the Avengers. Once the henchmen came back with information, Thanos would then chop off their craniums and see their memories via this contraption.

The caption reads:

“Here’s an early concept I did for #avengersinfinitywar. In early version of the script #Thanos was using the #outriders to spy on the #avengers. He would then remove their heads and plug them into these machines that would project their Memories for him to watch. It was a cool idea, but never made it in the final film.”

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Ultimately fans are very lucky to get these insights into the making of the movie. It adds to the depth of the movie and makes fans appreciate the work that went behind making such a behemoth.

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