New Report Says PS5 And Xbox Scarlett Are “Very”Powerful. Just How Much?

Both PS5 and Xbox Scarlett are being touted as powerful consoles but just powerful are they? Amd what more features are we getting with them?

Everyone wants their gaming consoles to be powerful so that it can be used without any kind of lags. This is a necessary criteria especially if something new is coming out. If that’s what you want as well then no need to worry. The new-gen PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett deliver that. Since they are going to change console gaming so these two better be powerful.

Powerful PS5 And Xbox With No Load Times

Both the next gen consoles are said to be very powerful. Pic courtesy:

A new report has surfaced by way of Kotaku reporter and scoopmaster Jason Schreier. He is considered a very reliable source in the industry and he says that he has heard whispers about these next-gen consoles (PS5 and Xbox Scarlett). Schreier has apparently heard that both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett are very powerful. How powerful are the PS5 and Xbox you ask? That he hasn’t been able to figure out. But the emphasis is on “very” when it comes to these versions of PS5 and Xbox. This is a little contrary to the news which said that PS5 was going to be more powerful than Xbox Scarlett. While it isn’t a very reliable yardstick but it does suggest that the current PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will be more powerful than the previous versions.

Schreier also revealed that Sony was trying to be as accessible as possible with its new Xbox. So you might be able to get some extra accessibility features from the PS5 like no load time and push accessibility. But don’t get stuck too much on the no load time because that is something which is not really possible either in a PS5 or in an Xbox. What it possibly means is that perhaps the loading time will be drastically reduced for the Xbox games. As for what’s going on with PS5, no one is sure.

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Microsoft Can’t Keep Up With Sony

Microsoft is reportedly lagging behind Sony for now, will it have any consequences? Pic courtesy:

That’s not all Schreier says. He also mentions Microsoft and how it’s “well behind” Sony when it comes to operating with third party developers. Now this probably won’t amount to anything in the long run, but it could mean something now. There might be more PS5 games rather than Xbox ones. But that’s not all it means. Fans on Sony’s side will have a little more to have fun with since it could also potentially mean that developers are getting to work with PS5 more than the next Xbox. But at the end we would like to add that it’s all just speculation. Nothing has been fully confirmed yet and it’s all speculation right now. But do check out Schreier’s tweet below to draw the conclusions you want:

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