The New Spawn Movie Has Somethig Which Might “Blow off the Internet”

Renowned comic book developer Todd McFarlane is sitting in the director’s chair for the first time in new movie alterations of his 1990s Image Comics icon, Spawn.

Since 2016, McFarlane has blatantly worked to get a new movie based on his best-selling character off the ground. Finally, in 2020, things look like they are soaring high at full speed.

The Prime Cast of Spawn Reboot

Spawn formulator Todd McFarlane says one role in the upcoming film could have a cast of an actor ‘huge enough to blow up the internet.’

Even as Hollywood is at a halt, Spawn developer Todd McFarlane implied at the possibility of a renowned actor joining the team.

Thoughts of McFarlane

“About a month ago, I had a big fish,” McFarlane shared with “I just about got him on deck, right? It was the one that some people misinterpreted and said I lost Jamie, and it was like no addition, an addition. But we lost him, and those are always exasperated because whenever you got the fish out of the pool, pull them up on deck, and the line breaks.”

Despite losing one potential big name, though, McFarlane says the possible substitute could be even more worthwhile.

The next big Blow to the Internet

Spawn Movie Character

McFarlane further continued stating that, We got an offer out to, I think, a bigger fish,”  “So, there weren’t too many bigger than the first guy, but anyway, we’ll see. If I could’ve got the last guy, it would’ve been a home run. If I can get this guy, it will be a grand slam. This one will blow up the internet. So, we’ll see. I don’t know.”Gossips of the Spawn, reboot have been formulating for decades, with not only Jamie Foxx in the leading role, but even Jeremy Renner is playing Detective “Twitch” Williams.

Production was set to begin in June 2018 but hit an obstacle with the script. An exciting film directed by Todd McFarlane, Spawn stars Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner.

The film hasn’t yet gotten a release date.

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