In the month of September, some photos from Spider-Man: Far From Home revealed Tom Holland donning an all-black stealth suit, which is similar to that worn by the popular Spider-Man Noir. After a couple of months to the opening of Comic Con Experience in Brazil, we finally got a detailed look at the suit.

The convention had several Costume pieces from the film on the floor and Wednesday’s first attendees have now started posting images online. Obviously, the one that’s generating the most buzz is Spider-Man’s stealth look.

Here’s the new photo:

In addition to this, Peter will also get upgrades on his regular Spider-Man suit. Instead of the blue and red, at least one of his suits will combine red and black to give him a new look. This suit was first spotted when production went to New York.

Spider-Man FFH Red and Black Suit from r/marvelstudios

Until now, CCXP is shaping into a big event for Far From Home. Apart from the suits, the film’s first trailer is also expected to drop during Sony’s presentation at the convention. However, whether or not will it be released is still yet to be seen.

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