Possibility Of A New Superman Game From Warner Bros.

Gamers always look forward to games adapted from famous superhero characters and popular franchises. So, it’s quite understandable to see DC fans speculating about new game releases.

A very recent rumor surrounds the Warner Bros. Montreal about new Superman game development.

New consoles; New games!

Many questions are revolving on the internet about an unannounced game. Questions like is there a Superman game announced for PS5, Xbox series X, and many other latest gaming consoles.

The fact that many entertainment companies announced new updated consoles scheduled for markets this year also leads to some latest game developments. So it’s a possibility for a new Superman game release.

The Bio Update

Anyways there are no official facts or announcements on this. All these rumors started when the Warner Bros Montreal updated their Instagram page.

Warner Bros Montreal is a Canadian game developing company in Montreal. The recent update in their bio stated that they are developing DC comics games. So, it is sure that WB Montreal is on DC projects, but it doesn’t directly impose a Superman game.

A game for the iconic Hero

Moreover, the same company is behind the upcoming Batman game. Of course, a collection of DC projects have a high chance of containing a Superman game, considering that one of DC’s iconic brand hero is Superman.

And since there is already a Batman game is on its way to markets it’s safer to say that Superman is one of the projects WB Montreal is doing for DC comics. Anyways all these are just speculations. So, we have to wait to see what DC comes up with.

sources: ComicBook.com, Instagram

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