Eminem has once again surprised the fans with his powerful song tracks from the album “Music To Be Murdered By”. This album is inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s “Music To Be Murdered By”.

The Album in Brief


In this album, the Slim Shady split classic rhymes is giving fans of Hip-Hop genre a thrilling treat, while ‘Unaccommodating’ works well with the taste of Marvel fans with its extra-exhilarating spirit. The ‘Unaccommodating’ song features the famous actress Young M.A. who gave an electrifying start to the song with her verse while Eminem added a superb second verse to it. In the song, Eminem made a reference to Marvel’s Thanos with its usual humor and sarcastic lyrics. The epic loss of Thanos in Avengers: Endgame is well mentioned by the rapper in a snarky manner.

The Past controversies

His previous release like ‘Kamikaze’ also came as a surprise in 2018. In the album, with the song, ‘Fall’ Eminem sarcastically insulted Tyler which ultimately invited a lot of controversies for him. Later he cooled down the matter by saying “it went too far”. Eminem has always used lyrics related to real-life highlighted moments and that’s why he has managed to build a pop-culture of his own unlike his contemporaries like Backstreet Boys, N-Sync and all others. His out of box lyrics has always managed to create exhilaration among the audiences. That’s why he is a big name in the world of the hip-hop genre.

The New Album anticipation

On the other side, it’s still quite early to say about the success of the album ‘Music To Be Murdered’. But seeing its initial power-packed start, it’s for sure that this album is going to create quite a stir among the audiences. Although, it’s already among the top trending stuff over social media ever since its launch.


Source: ComicBook

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