Black Widow’s solo movie is coming soon. So several of Marvel’s biggest licensee have unveiled various merchandise which showcase the year’s first MCU movie. Among them is the villain Taskmaster’s toys as well. But there’s more than meets the eye as it seems like the Taskmaster toys have revealed a very interesting connection to the larger MCU.

Taskmaster’s Connection To Tony Stark

Taskmaster had connections to Iron Man. Pic courtesy:
Taskmaster had connections to Iron Man. Pic courtesy:

Hasbro has revealed a playset which features the shield and mask of the movie’s villain, Taskmaster. Some fans have speculated that if you look close enough then you will be able to see signs of a connection to Tony Stark.

It seems like the mask’s visor has a built-in HUD which is like the one used in Iron Man’s helmet. But this doesn’t seem to be big enough to confirm Taskmaster’s link to MCU’s biggest self sacrificial hero. That isn’t all, the rumours of Robert Downey Jr.’s cameo appearance in the movie is adding more fuel to the fire of Iron Man’s connection to Taskmaster.

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Taskmaster Is An Amalgamation Of The First Avengers

Taskmaster's style is reminiscent of the previous Avengers. Pic courtesy:
Taskmaster’s style is reminiscent of the previous Avengers. Pic courtesy:

Yet this isn’t the first hint people have got that Taskmaster may be drawing inspiration from the stars of Marvel’s Infinity Saga. Taskmaster’s use of bow and arrow has already promoted people to draw comparisons with Hawkeye. The trailer footage of him throwing his shield calls to mind Captain America Steve Roger’s trademark move. But many fans have also said that it seems like the creatives behind the movie got lazy. Actually they are following the comics accurately because Taskmaster always had a gift for mimicking the techniques of his foes.

Since Black Widow is the first movie to unveil Marvel’s Phase 4 so it’s really fitting that it features a villain who uses the resources and skills of the heroes from MCU’s previous era.

We honestly can’t wait for the movie and to see just how Black Widow connects to the larger MCU.

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