New Theory: Tobey Maguire Playing Uncle Ben in Spider-Man 3

Many theories are been concocted by fans for the new Marvel Spider-Man 3. The rumors of Tobey Maguire’s in Spider-Man 3 have been circulating for a while, but this idea is unique. According to this theory, he will be playing uncle Ben in the upcoming MCU film. When it was announced that Jamie Foxx would be reprising his role as Electro in the third Spider-Man film, speculation and theories regarding the cast started to appear on the internet. Suspicions of previous Spider-Men Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire being a part of MCU increased with time.

Fans are hoping that both should return as Peter Parker in a multiverse adventure. It will be similar to Sony’s animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Till now, none of the actors has been confirmed for the film. Now, one fan hopes that Maguire would be playing the role of Uncle Ben!

The Theory

The TheoryOne fan called froglegs317 proposes that Tobey Maguire could be both Peter Parker as well as a doppelganger of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Ben Parker. It means that he would be Spider-Man in one universe and would be uncle Ben in the MCU. This prospect sounds exciting and a little complicated to understand.

Has it been done before?

Has it been done before?

John Shipp in The Flash costumeJohn Wesley Shipp’s role in CW’s The Flash is a similar example. Initially, Shipp played Barry Allen (The Flash) in The Flash’s brief television show in 1990. In 2014 Shipp portrayed Barry’s father, Henry Alen. On the other hand, he also played the role of The Flash during the crossover.

Can Tobey act as Uncle Ben?

Can Tobey act as Uncle Ben?
Tobey Maguire

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man has already depicted the death of Uncle Ben. The MCU’s Spider-Man movies decided to take a different path. So, Uncle Ben is alive and has been referenced in the new film as a father figure. Peter found a mentor in Tony Stark, and after his death now, his mentor will be Doctor Octopus. Uncle Ben can turn out to be another of Peter’s mentors. Uncle Ben has always been an essential part of Spider-man’s history, and his omission from the new films has left some fans disappointed. Maybe it’s time to bring Uncle Ben into the fold.

Maguire being Spider-Man and Uncle Ben might be a lot for audiences initially. Still, seeing his uncle as Spider-Man would indeed have a significant impact on Holland’s Peter Parker. It can also lead the story in a completely new direction. It would be exciting to see Tobey in these roles.

I would like to add by saying that this theory of Spider-Man 3 is quite impressive. Do you have any views?

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