New Video By ‘Lucifer’ Star Reveals Amenadiel’s Return

Lucifer’s fourth season is already in its production stage and while we don’t have a release date yet, there is something we do know for certain: Amenadiel is back.

This news came through a new behind the scenes video posted by D.B. Woodside, who plays the eldest angel in the show. The video teased the return of the character with a caption, “Amandiel is back.”

The end of last season’s saw Amanadiel taking Charlotte Richards to heaven after she’s shot by Marcus Pierce. It seems like Amenadiel will return now having done the job but it’s still open to discussion where the character is in the video.

Lucifer’s poor US viewership ratings at Fox certainly made the show drop out until Netflix decided to air it due to its strong international success. Obviously, the move to Netflix will see a few additional changes to the series, especially in terms of episode numbers.

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It was revealed by Tom Ellis earlier that the series will now have just ten episodes each. He also saw this reduction Positive as it allows the series to make every episode worthy. He also explained that the makers are being careful about not wandering too far off with the Lucifer, fans know and love in the upcoming season.

Are you excited for Amenadiel’s return? Let us know in the comments below.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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