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‘Borderlands 3’ Announced With New Trailer

Finally, after many teases and leaks and speculation, as anticipated, Gearbox Software finally unveiled Borderlands 3 to the world during its special PAX East presentation. Sadly, at the moment, there is no word of a release date or specific platforms.…



‘Pennyworth’ Teaser Trailer Reveals First Look Of Batman Prequel Series

Even though Alfred has spent the greater part of 80 years functioning as Bruce Wayne's loyal butler, mentor, and father figure, it is time for its beloved character to receive his own time in the spotlight. This summer, a new Batman prequel series is coming to Epix, and it'll tell the story of Alfred as a former soldier in 1960s London, long before Bruce was born. The series is known as Pennyworth, and also the very first teaser trailer has arrived. Test it from the movie above!
Valkyrie Avenge The Fallen Poster

Valkyrie role in Avengers Endgame

A brand new Chinese poster was also published this week, which makes it the first set picture to also feature Valkyrie. Now that lovers know she is going to be joining the group, folks are speculating on exactly what her job would be in Avengers: Endgame.