Next Episode Of Falcon and The Winter Soldier Will Feature A New MCU Character

“I Had A Little Calm In Wakanda, And Other Than That I’ve Gone From One Fight To Another For 90 Years.” …Bucky Barnes

Move over, John Walker. Falcon and The Winter Soldier is good to go to present a brand-new Marvel Cinematic Universe character in an appearance this week – one that could be played by a major actor. Showrunner Malcolm Spellman recently depicted the secret figure as an “extremely grounded character” in an interview with Rotten Tomatoes Television, adding: “The character is so strong, it’s an episode 5 character.

We’d love to see that character with Thor.”Now, another report has fleshed out a portion of the details. Cut Film proposes that whoever the character is will be a “current Marvel Comics character” played by a “notable entertainer.”Let the guessing games start. However, an alert expression: WandaVision fans will have effectively been burned by Paul Bettany’s tease of a significant actor appearing – just for that actor to be Paul Bettany.

We’re actually looking out for Al Pacino as Mephisto. Anyway, who could it be? All signs highlight the Power Broker – the shadowy puppetmaster and crime master in Madripoor – being exposed. In the comics, the Power Broker is Curtiss Jackson. But, possibly, quite possibly, it’s another person totally – which gives much more motivation to tune in to Disney+ today.

Luckily, there will be a lot of time to take in any introductions. Falcon and The Winter Soldier episode 5 runtime will be a shade longer than an hour as per a new leak. With John Walker’s actions actually resonating around Riga’s roads, except that the upcoming episode should have a simple measure of stuns and surprise instore.

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