Marvel seems to be obsessed with Nick Fury. The repeated showcasing of Nick Fury’s death needs to be given a break. In Marvel, it can be seen that Nick Fury’s death has been a habit that is being followed by diligently. However, with the continuous showcase of death, it now seems to get frustrating. Therefore, it would be advisable for Marvel to stop the same. The death of Nick Fury and his arrival seems to be now a game of play in Marvel. 

Is it right to repeatedly kill a character and bring it back again???

The most important aspect of Marvel, Nick Fury's death
Nick Fury in a still

Too much of Nick Fury’s death will eventually bore the audiences at some point. As similar to Iron Man, Nick Fury is another character that has been in MCU for the longest time. He has been part of many movies including Captain America, Iron Man, and Avengers. Nick Fury was seen to have played a shocking role in his latest movie known as Spider-Man: Far From Home. Nick Fury such a dominant position in MCU that his future in MCU is still under question.

Marvel needs to stop fooling people !!!

Popular Marvel Characters
A still from Infinity War 5

Nick Fury was seen to have played a role in all the 3 Marvel movies that were released in the year 2019. Though he is the central character of major Marvel movies the way he is been showcased needs to be changed. Marvel seems to repeat killing Fury and suddenly making him appear like he never died at all. This depicts Ekta Kapoor’s logic in her serials. 

Nick Fury Emerged to be a Savior for Peter Parker!!

Nick Fury helped Peter Parker in Spider-Man : Far from Home
A glimpse of Peter Parker

The movies in which Nick Fury’s death has been faked include Captain America: Winter Soldier, Avengers: Infinity War and Spider-Man: Far From Home. Fans of Marvel have by now understood that any character’s death would basically mean they are likely to make a comeback at a later point. 

Marvel needs to understand that when a person dies it is a highly emotional thing for any viewer. In other words, by letting the fans know about the return of a character would depict more honesty on part of Marvel. 



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